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10,000 Haiti camps under Texas Bridge

A sudden wave of thousands of migrants, many from Haiti, has sparked a humanitarian crisis at the US-Mexico border. The Texas border town of Del Rio is struggling to cope with the massive influx. In response, U.S authorities have moved around 2,000 people to processing centers – as a first step to deporting them. More than ten thousand people, living under a bridge. This is the scene at the US-Mexico border, as thousands of migrants from Haiti – many of whom began their trek overland as far away as Colombia – find their long and often dangerous journeys stopped at the international bridge.


A confined space under the city of Del Rio International Bridge. The people thought that the alarm was set on Monday. This is setting the nuclear bomb alarm that this is no longer

sustainable acceptable. Overwhelmed by the surge of asylum seekers, the U.S Department of Homeland Security announced it will use a pandemic-related authority to immediately expel migrants back to Haiti without allowing them an opportunity to claim asylum.

But with the promise of a better life within sight, migrants refuse to give up their dreams of a new life in America.

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