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110 dead after heavy rainfall in India

The search for missing is continuing in western India after heavy monsoon rains inundated residential areas across the region more than 110 people have been confirmed dead.More than 130 dead in India as rains trigger floods , landslides

The officials warned that the troll is likely to climb rescue teams using borrowed boats and rubber rafts picked up stranded villagers from the rising waters and took them to safety so far more than a hundred thousand people have been rescued from nearly 900 villages but not even those on high ground were safe after weeks of heavy rain.

The saturated ground on this hillside liquefied and gave way wiping out a village below the torrent of mud struck around 5:30 in the morning witnesses say many people were engulfed and swept away as they tried to flee others were still asleep unaware of the wave of debris bearing down on them.

There’s still no trace of the rest the national disaster response force said they had already recovered more than 40 bodies but they fear for at least 50 people who are still missing in the sea of debris there’s little hope that anyone trapped under the mud would have survived many bodies were washed.

Recovered bodies which were found stuck amongst the trees downstream the team is engaged in rescue operations now in places where getting the foul smell of bodies or where the villagers are pointing out the army has been brought in to help as the search continues anxious relatives wait for news all too often anxiety gives way to grief.

India’s weather bureau forecasts says heavy rainfall to continue for the next few days and has issued red alerts for several regions. The Department has predicted that heavy rainfall will continue for some days to come the red alerts continue and the rescue operations.

The rescue and relief operations are still going on the national disaster response force and the army have formed different rescue teams before operating in different areas but the rescue operations are also facing trouble because of the raised water level many have died and many are still missing.

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