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COVID-19 outbreak China restricts overseas travel

China has restricted overseas travel for citizens to try to contain a growing surge of delta variant infections it’s confirmed its highest daily Covid 19 tally in months as mass testing and contact tracing are being stepped up.

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A cluster that originated in Nanjing has ballooned to almost 500 cases spreading to at least a dozen cities more than 70 locally transmitted cases have been reported. China has shown that it will be tough on covid.
The government is monitoring the situation very closely and they are revising the guidelines every day as China goes along so today of the 70 cases nearly half came from Yangzhou city which is the city next to nanting where the first case of this outbreak was detected and it sparked a round.

The local government today said that prices are stable supplies are sufficient and they’re cracking down on those raising prices but that’s not not at all what we’re hearing on the ground on social media people are up in arms over prices there are four times as high as normal.

An egg that costs 15 cents is now 60 cents and that’s partly because of increase in logistics costs a restriction in the flow of traffic and people as well as a drop in agricultural produce especially after the floods hit hernan province. The  government is doing now is that they are focusing first and foremost on controlling the spread of the virus and that means stepping up control at all its air sea and land ports they have just announced today that they are implementing a closed loop management measure for all frontline workers at the ports.

These includes drivers people in the cold chain logistics sector airlined ground crew and they are these people are required to stay at a designated accommodation with transport provided to and from work and during working hours they’re not allowed to come into contact with family members or or the community and high-risk personnel are required to take nucleic acid tests once every other day.

On top of that china is also encouraging its people not to travel not just within the country but outside the country as well they have said that they would still approve visas for those with valid reasons like if they’re going overseas to study or to work but otherwise they’re not allowed to leave the country unnecessarily and within the country they’ve also identified 144 high-risk zones at these areas taxi services will be halted and on train carriages they’ve created an emergency separation zone just in case anyone is detected with Covid-19 symptoms they could immediately be segregated from the rest of the passengers.

Some heads are also rolling at zhongzhou city a couple of party officials have already been removed from their posts for mishandling the pandemic so plenty of safety measures in place. at the same time this outbreak is also going to prove a real test for China’s homemade vaccines indeed some of those who tested positive this time have already taken two doses of the vaccine which raises questions about whether the vaccines actually work.

China has already vaccinated 1.7 billion people that comes up to about 60 percent of the population assuming everyone needs two doses.

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