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Malaysia: Ismail Sabri Yaakob could be next PM

The king basically asked mps in the malaysian parliament there’s a hundred 222 of them just who they would nominate as their preferred prime minister 114 it appears have given their backing to ismail sabri yakob who was the immediate deputy prime minister under yasin who resigned on monday.

Assuming that is the result haven’t actually had a formal announcement but it does look as if the king will announce that he has become the prime minister tomorrow morning. He’s from the party of Najib which has been embroiled in graft allegations and it has been a hindrance it was a hindrance to the previous prime minister so is this going to make any difference.

The fact that he was the deputy prime minister under the immediate past prime minister he has been a minister in this government and previous governments and he’s been part of the malaysian government’s strategy for handling the pandemic for the amazing explosion of cases that we’ve seen in malaysia but on the other hand significantly he is a senior member of uno that’s the united malays national organization which was ousted so strongly in 2021 over the corruption
scandal embroiling then prime minister najib so this is the first time since then that there has been a leader from that party even though they have been the dominant party in the ruling coalition until now.

Many analysts are interpreting this as a effectively unknown taking power again in some form even if the party itself doesn’t have a majority in the malaysian parliament it’s certainly one step closer to umno perhaps ruling in its own right and many will be asking if that will be the outcome at the next election which is not due until 2023 but likely there will be an election once the pandemic sort of eases in malaysia so and does that remain the greatest challenge facing him if he is elected well look at maintaining his majority.




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