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Ghana debates harsh new anti-LGBTQ bill | How safe is Ghana’s LGBTQ community?

How safe is Ghana’s LGBTQ community?

Members of the LGBTQ community in Ghana say that their lives will become a nightmare if a new bill is passed into law. Same sex relations are already criminalized in Ghana. But some lawmakers are pushing for more restrictions. They now want anyone actively supporting the LGBTQ community to be imprisoned for up to 10 years. They also want people to be punished for saying they are gay, lesbian or transgender. The bill has massive support in parliament and across society. Many in the LGBTQ community are now living in fear.

It’s a preference and so you don’t have a right that accrues to you in the first place and even if there was a right. A constitution says that rights can be curtailed so long as they pose an existential threat to the public safety, public health and public morals. This act of homosexuality poses a public health challenge and a public morality. Moral challenge ghana is a deeply religious society and the bill also has strong support among citizens.


So how can a man marry a man what the essence of that and if such anybody will fall into that kind of a behavior should be dealt with. There should be law govern these particular issues. Gays and Lesbians against immorality Christian values because against it because the Bible promotes male and female. But they can’t turn it around.

The future of the LGBTQ plus community in Ghana as attitudes and the law keep hardening. Any LGBTQI class activity through the media because very recently we have seen instances where they have been attempts. They know by some persons or groups to promote LGBTI cure plus activities in the country.

Thet feel strongly that it is at variance at they know cultural, customary laws. People that are associated with the community or even vouch for the community or members of the community could be in jail for years.

This is something that they feel is very alien to their culture. They are Nigerians. they are people, they are citizens of different countries. But they would digress and go too deep and they don’t have too much time for it. Just wrapping it up are they not concerned that this bill is damaging Ghana’s reputation internationally and that some countries will not want to do business with them anymore well.

If countries did not want to do business with ghana that would be disrespect. They’ll be disrespectful you know because ghanaians do not dictate to germany, france or any other country in Western Europe which laws they should have in their books and which laws they should not that was anti-lgbtq politician.

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