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Canada votes in a anap election called by prime minister Justin Trudeau

Canadians are voting in a snap election which is also a gamble by prime minister Justin Trudeau. He is hoping to secure a parliamentary majority. Justin Trudeau has faced plenty of criticism for calling the election two years early and it is a close race. Polls show that his liberal party is neck and neck with the rival conservatives facing one of his toughest election campaigns.


Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau has weathered verbal and physical attacks by Coronavirus Vaccine skeptics gravel stones were hurled at him. But instead of rocking his chances the skeptics might have given them a bump letting. The two-term leader emphasize his crisis management credentials. They need to end this pandemic for good if they are going to rebuild their economy. If they are going to get people back to normal they are going to have a better future. Trudeau is phasing in mandatory vaccinations for government workers and travelers and for access to many public areas. But his tough message was undermined by calling an early election with virus case numbers on the rise.

 According to conservative party leader Erin O’Toole Mr. Trudeau called an election that’s costing a 600 million dollars rather than keeping the delta variant from spreading rather than actually working together. Trudeau’s environmental track record is under fire after a summer of forest blazes and record heat waves that killed hundreds under Trudeau. Canada has expanded oil sands production, gas pipelines and carbon emissions. Opponents say that he is failing to meet his ambitious green goals. They have got the worst track record in all the g7 after six years how can people trust them. Trudeau has long enjoyed a positive international reputation while enduring a series of domestic political scandals Canadians must decide whether to give him another chance to live up to his image.

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