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4G Or 5G which Device is better to buy in 2021

The Reasons why you should Change Your 4G Device To 5G

Lot of phone have been put off of 5G but your 4G device is properly working fine so lot of people are wondering this sort of upgrading to 5G we are sure that 5G fast data connection but for most of the people 4G works just fine so why upgrade.

There are actually lots of reasons so in this article I will tell you some of the biggest reasons that why you should upgrade to 5G firstly there is a entertainment streaming most of the people choose download movie songs when they are at home but if you forget to download something so you cannot enjoy the latest songs and movies which you want to listen so in this way 5G steps in 5G Brings fast net speed so you can download the whole playlist in the seconds 4G is always good enough to do this but but with the 5G you don’t need to worry about downloading anything.

Talking about the games 5G is more reliable than 4G connection and that makes great online mobile games when you are not at Wi-Fi if you are big fan of Call of Duty pubg mobile aur just other games which are required to be connected to the internet with 5G you can do this easily you can play any game which you want to play on 5G without being interrupted because 5G internet connection super fast for online gaming and second thing is if you want to upload photos on Instagram on Snapchat on on 4G take some time with 5G you don’t need to worry about anything just seconds you can upload any photos you want to upload on Google drive or on social media. On 4G watching videos on YouTube for any other platforms sometime it starts buffering but with 5G you can watch the video HD without buffering also 5G can make to possible to upload higher resolution videos in just seconds from your phone so you don’t need to worry about Instagram stories for Facebook live videos it will take less time to upload them too.

Our next way that 5G will be probably  useful the smart home users this is because 5G will bring alots of benefits the people who have smart appliances this is specially controlling your home when you are not at it 5G well easily make it possible like turning on the lights without being worried that compound has not been sent because of your poor connection it will be also used to view images of your security cameras without being interrupted.

Finally here is for the sports fans it will make it easier to watch Matches and games on your phone when you are not at TV surly you can do that at the moment unless you got fantastic connection these are the ways that 5G could change your smartphone experience.

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