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5 Best Things To Do In Costa Rica at Night


While you might expect Costa Rica’s nightlife to be pretty tame (after all, it’s a country that’s often held up as an example of a laid-back and tranquil tropical paradise) — you’ll find that the nightlife in Costa Rica is quite lively and exciting. There’s no shortage of things to do and places to go when the sun goes down in Costa Rica. But where are the best places for partying in Costa Rica? See this article for our top picks.

1. 5 places to party in Costa Rica
1. Tamarindo: Tamarindo is a small beach town that has great surfing and an active nightlife. There are tons of great bars and restaurants, and is a great place to try some delicious Costa Rican cuisine.
2. San Jose: San Jose is the largest city in Costa Rica and is the capital.It’s one of the most popular travel destinations, and a great place to have a laid-back, fun-filled night out.
3. Isla Mujeres: It’s a popular island off the coast of Costa Rica, and you can take vacation there anytime, without leaving the country. There are loads of beaches to enjoy, and you can take part in some amazing surfing. Check out the Isla Mujeres Most Popular Tours and Adventures sites to book your trip.
4. Jaco D’or: Another popular beach town, Jaco D’or has a cozy atmosphere, plenty of beaches, and plenty of nightlife, too. It’s a great place to relax at the end of a long day and is a great place to go for some “fun.”
5. San Juan: Taken from San Juan in the archipelago, San Juan is a gorgeous tropical destination and a great place to relax before heading out to explore the island of Costa Rica. You can live the “glories” — the famous views and wildlife — in this comfortable vacation rental.
6. Cuenca: Huanchico, the main city of Cuenca, has a laid-back vibe and a lot of activities to enjoy. Avoid the crowds, and take your time soaking up the salty coastal air playing beach volleyball, playing a littleigi drum, watching the sunset, and exploring the neighborhoods.
7. Jaco de Maio: This popular beach town in Costa Rica has a laid-back vibe, great local cuisine, and tons of beach volleyball. Check out this page on the Insidel network to book your stay in Costa Rica.
8. Cartagena: It’s a beautiful town in Costa Rica with a laid-back vibe — and if you’re popular in Costa Rica, you’ll probably find yourself at Cartagena during your trip.
2. Where to go for good nightlife in San Jose
San Jose is a great place to live and has a lot of great things to do, but if you’re not familiar with the city and want to go out and have a good time, it can be difficult. Here are the best places to go for a good night out:
Banaue is a lively city located in the center of Costa Rica, just a few hours by air. Many of the streets in the city are laid out like avenues, and a large number of taxis take customers to their destinations. If you don’t want to drive, there’s a metro system, which connects the city center to the metro in nearby Manta. And if you want to enjoy a night of local music, Banaue is the place to go. It is located at the base of the Sierra Madre mountains, ideal for a day hike. Options for both sightseeing and grabbing a bite to eat include:
Afton common restaurants ($), including good spots for local cuisine, fried fish, and grilled meats.
A block party at Crossroads Park ($) with live music and lots of activities.
Amusement park, carnival, and funfair ($) with rides, music, and more.
Banaue Royal Hotel ($) with view of the breathtaking Alajuela Mountains and the city.
Hop aboard the Lemur Star ($) to take a relaxing trip on activities with your family.
2. Jaco
Situated in the center of Costa Rica, Jaco is a big city and a great place to enjoy a night out. Jaco’s main street runs right down the middle of the city, and it is filled with great bakeries, bars, restaurants, and arcades. What makes it great, however, is that it’s still quite small, attracting all locals, tourists, and retirees. If you want to make the most of your night, you should wander around for a bit and check out the art stores, nighttime markets, museums, and more.
3. Where to go for good nightlife in Manuel Antonio
There are many bars and clubs in Manuel Antonio. Some of the best clubs are located at the hotels. I recommend the following hotels: The Springs Resort, The Villas at Arenal Eco Resort & Spa, and The Springs Resort & Spa.
The main reason most of the bars and clubs in Costa Rica are located in these and other touristy areas is that the money raised from the tourism industry covers the costs of the local government. Without tourists, Costa Rica would likely have to close down nearly all of its tourist sites (which of course would mean a huge loss to the locals).
The Kennedy
At the Kennedy, one can sip cocktails under the stars (starting at $7-9 per drink) and relax after a long day of sightseeing. There are also multiple restaurants offering delicious food and several pools for those in the water. Fly into San Jose, Nicaragua, Panama, and Costa Rica, and you should see all that and more!
The Zapata
Zapata is a beach resort on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. Before you book a room, take a trip to beaches around the resort to acquaint yourself with the area. Once you’ve settled in, enjoy some sun, swim in the oceans (including the three large lakes), and discover all that tucked away Costa Rica has to offer. Rates for the Zapata start around $125 per person.
The Museo de Arteaga
Arteaga is a historical gold mine located about an hour south of San Jose. The Museo is open from early afternoon until late evening, and each night you can enjoy a live band and dance lessons led by local experts. While there are no activities beyond what you can do in the park, the “about one hour” fee gives you access to the museum — including an audio tour of the area. Children also get free admission to the Museo. Rates for adults are between $18-25.
4. Where to go for good nightlife in Jaco
Jaco’s nightlife is popular with many foreigners and can be a lot of fun. There are a few spots worth checking out. There’s a place called “The Coco Shack” which is a restaurant and bar with live music and dancing. It’s located right on the beach and the atmosphere is great.Stroll the patio area, get sipped on a piña colada and sip on a Mai Tais. If you’re staying somewhere near Jaco, you can also visit the “Pu sur suedde” (translation for “surrounded by clouds”) within the Coco Water Beach Resort.
General T merchandise is located downtown and offers different shops and galleries. La Plaza Tradicienda features some of the best stores in the area. A trip to the Pacific coastline isn’t complete without a visit to Manzanillo, Nicaragua. Your ticket to Nicaragua will be much cheaper if you buy your ticket online or apply for a discount on your flight. Manzanillo is known as one of the most romantic cities in Central America and if you’re spent, then visiting the city will definitely be one of the highlights of your trip. Make sure you explore the lively nightlife of Manzanillo while you’re there, as there are plenty of things to do, as well as great prices.
Talk about boundless fun? Enjoy some pirate-y fun at the Tie Bait Bar. If you’re feeling particularly green, you can also explore the nearby Everglades National Park. It’s only about an hour and a half drive from San Jose and if you want something a bit more secluded, then the Everglades is the place to go. The man-made waterfalls along the border of Florida and Everglades National Park offer fantastic views of the stunning natural wonder.
The Night Club in Costa Rica isn’t just for relaxing and having your identity stolen by a hit of cocaine. While you’re there, don’t miss the pool and a party room named “The Devil’s Den” — full of gator and octopus heads (hence the name.
5. Where to go for good nightlife on the beach
One of the coolest things to do in Miami is to eat at the ever-popular Joe’s Stone Crab on Miami Beach. Joe’s Stone Crab is an upscale seafood restaurant that’s been in business for over 100 years and is a classic example of Miami dining.In addition to offering excellent seafood, Joe’s has a beverage program as impressive as their food, serving up hard-drinking libations like Old Havana, Negroni, Manhattan and Manhattan Ice Cream. Wait, what’s the weirdest thing you can order at Joe’s? Well, basically anything, they just ask that you leave the tray in the middle of the table so they can cook it up quickly. The staff will probably surprise you with ice cream — or, at the very least, a large, hand-carved caramel apple.
 Low-Key Closer to Home
For some reason, people love to party in New York City. Whether you’re a New Yorker working or living there, or you’re visiting, there’s no time like the present to get drunk and show off your awesome fancy cocktails. The problem is that partying in New York City can get expensive really fast. And while it’s possible to find a down-to-earth party home away from home, you’ll be paying high prices. You can rent the Union League for a cheap and informal gathering, or you can get more up-close and personal with your friends and grab a cocktail and a bite to eat at Hoopla’s BBQ.
Closer to the City
This isn’t the place to go if you’re looking to party in Manhattan. Perhaps if you’re a large international conglomerate with hundreds of offices and you have enough disposable income, then boozy satellite campuses might be up your alley. However, you’re probably just not cool enough to put down $800 on a night in New York. If this describes you, then go to the Champagne Cellars, which are three blocks from Wall Street. Two bars, two DJs, glam rock, (not provided) good food and drink, light beer and (not provided).
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