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A lot could go wrong amid ongoing evacuations, said by Joe Biden

The Afghanistan where an Afghan soldier has been killed and three others injured after a firefight broke out between unidentified gunmen and Western forces at the kabul airport.

The clashes comes after U.S president Joe Biden warned of potential terrorist attacks against the airport. Kabul’s Hamid Karzai international airport has been a scene of chaos since the Taliban seized the Afghan capital on august 15th. As U.S and international forces tried to evacuate citizens and vulnerable Afghans speaking at the white house. President Joe Biden said that he still hopes to complete the heartbreaking evacuation.


The end of this month he warned that a lot could still go wrong amid the ongoing evacuations from the country. The U.S president said the Taliban have been cooperative in extending their perimeter. He added that he would support sanctions against the group depending on the context. The Taliban have confirmed that foreign forces have not sought to extend the withdrawal deadline.

However Taliban spokesperson Sohail Shaheen has warned of consequences. If Biden delays withdrawal of U.S troops. Meanwhile former U.S ambassador to the United Nations has blamed president Biden for the embarrassing failure in Afghanistan They said the U.S surrendered 85 billion dollars worth of weapons to the Taliban. The organization of Islamic cooperation has urged the Afghan leadership to ensure that the country does not become a platform for terrorism again. A virtual meeting of the G7 countries has been called on Tuesday to discuss the Afghanistan crisis.


Meanwhile evacuation process is underway to repatriate people from the war-torn country. The United States has enlisted the help of six commercial airlines to help transport people after they withdraw. The United Kingdom says it has evacuated over 5,700 people from the country since 13th of August. Japan will also be sending a military aircraft to Afghanistan to bring back its citizens as well as Afghans working with its embassy and missions.

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