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Actress Komal Aziz announces marriage

Leading actress Komal Aziz has said that she will get married as soon as she finds a good boy. In response to a question, she said that after making a good career in acting and starting a business, now she intends to get married. They will find a good boy, they will get married and they will probably get married within a year.

Speaking on a TV show, Komal Aziz revealed that at the beginning of his career, he was advised to undergo chin surgery along with other advice, but he did not follow this advice. He said that he started his career by teaching in school and then his luck took him to showbiz but my hobby is business.

He said that he acted with a plan and introduced his own clothing brand and he also intends to open his own store soon. According to him, doing business was his first priority but at the same time he was also interested in acting and now Both his plans were fulfilled. Komal Aziz said that he was also advised to undergo surgery on his chin (Dimple Chen) which he did not accept.

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