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AFGHAN CRISIS: At least 18 provincial capitals captured by Taliban

in afghanistan the taliban completed their sweep of the countries south on friday taking four more provincial capitals and getting closer to the capital kabul over the past week the group has been making rapid gains in urban regions at least 18 provincial capitals have fallen to the taliban forces including the country’s second and third largest cities.

That’s half of afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals and group has control of more than two-thirds of the country and for more on the faster changing situation
The situation is getting worse every day and taliban get more control of the country the eastern part of the country was much secure and there were no offensives since last one month but are getting reports from the eastern parts of the country that the taliban have besieged and start attacks on the eastern parts of the country.
The taliban negra province which was much secure nowadays also came under the attacks of taliban from several sides and many districts are now witnessing heavy clashes between ndsf and the taliban forces at the same time the neboring central province maidan wardak which is located just close to the kabul is also under control last night a couple of attacks were took place by the taliban and many of the checkpoints were captured by the taliban.

While still clashes continues several districts became under taliban control and the kpfr campaign forces which are trained by the cia and they are called para military forces and pro-government forces they are also and heavy clashes with the taliban and pakhtiya and host provinces and at the same time all the gates of kabul are getting titan is the neighboring capital provinces to kabul are under heavy clashes of the taliban so every hour the situation is again changing in the country.

Now we can see that from where you are it’s still quiet but will this quietness continue for 30 or even 90 days as the u.s estimated there is no guarantee about the situation in kabul at the moment there are a lot of helicopters transportation airplanes and also during the night voices of fighting flying jets sometimes so kabul is under heavy security measures and the government is trying to take control of the capital kabul but president ghani once said that without the support of international forces and their support in kabul and around the country country will fell to the taliban and almost six months he is preparing for these six months which a month is already passed.

He has besieged all the forces but the problem is the forces are not fighting against the taliban the surrenderings even from the top governmental security officials were continuing all around the country and herat kandahar then and many other provinces the situation was something more than dramatic because taliban launched footage of the security provincial officials and they were smiling and pushing to the cameras when they were talking and the behavior from the taliban side has changed so of course taliban is surrounded there is no doubt ghazni logar in maidan wardak which is fragile and many believe it will collapse to the taliban very soon or the boring provinces to kabul and kabul now needs much more security measures.

in Kabul there is silence the situation is not reported and clashes but fewer of the district even in kabul are have been witnessing the attacks from the taliban like or shakardara and other districts in kabul.
Taliban are there they are hiding but it’s a fragile situation now for kabul and no one can estimate for how long this situation will continue but there are hopes that the taliban are not planning to attack kabul until this settle  political conclusion with the government which is far away.

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