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Afghan Government & Taliban meeting in Qatar


A senior Afghan delegation is in Doha to meet representatives of the taliban as violence continues to escalate in afghanistan.



The armed group has been taking advantage of the U.S withdrawal launching offensives and capturing large parts of the country.
The two sides have been meeting on and off now for months but the talks have lost momentum as the fighting continues to rage back home.

The Afghan government delegation says, Negotiations are the only way forward the Afghanistan Islamic.
The delegation of afghanistan headed by the chairman of the reconciliation committee has arrived in the Qatari Capital Doha and is meeting with the delegation of negotiations affiliated with the government.

During his visit Abdullah will discuss important and crucial issues with Taliban representatives.
The solution to the conflict in afghanistan lies in negotiations and peace can be reached through dialogue. if these talks lead to satisfactory results for both parties the taliban movement has repeatedly confirmed its readiness for dialogue and negotiations.
The problems can only be solved by dialogue but the Afghan government needs to also show the same commitment they need to show the right and sincere determination when it comes to negotiations in order to end these problems.

Those talks for us here in Doha we’ve been saying there have been several rounds of talks anything concrete likely to come out of these discussions. it depends on
who you speak to you’ve heard from both sides saying that dialogue is the only way forward and they believe that a solution for a peaceful Afghanistan can only come from the table but actions on the ground speak
a very different language.

We’ve been seeing on the ground how Taliban have been taking large Part of Afghanistan and we’ve been seeing sort of a not moving forward from the afghan government side as well the Dr Abdul abdullah’s team i’ve been speaking to some of them have been telling that they are hopeful that this is going to be fruitful they are going to have some sort of solution to how to go forward. Because what they don’t want is a taliban takeover of the whole country or the country going towards.

The Civil war which everyone has been talking about but on the taliban side they say that they believe in dialogue but we have seen their actions on the ground as well so this high-level delegation seven members are in talks. The qatari capital are trying to sort out what are the ways where they can move forward which we have we haven’t seen so far since september when they started speaking to each other they’ve been major differences.

The Taliban saying that want to achieve peace but they’ve been battling on the ground the government’s saying that it wants to move forward but not giving what the Taliban wanted and that seems to have persisted so there isn’t much hope that there is going to be a concrete solution coming out of this meeting but at least it is something to go forward with and that is
something where the taliban has been saying that they’ve been expecting leaders of this stature come to Doha and negotiate with each other and questions that
observers have been raising about.

The significance of these talks as taliban is taking more areas whether the government has had a realization that it is now to probably change tactics and try and go towards a solution which does not mean further loss of life in afghanistan.

The significance of this round of negotiations especially given the high level delegations involved this time well
we’ve been hearing for almost a week now how this high-level delegation was being formed we were hearing names of gulbatine former president Ahmed Karzai who were supposed to be here in Daha and
many of them did not well pulled out of these talks.

There is a sense of divisions within kabul on what is the way forward. there are there is a lack of trust not just between the afghan government but also and taliban but also within the ranks of people who rule Afghanistan and that is something that the taliban has been insisting on what they want to see is an inclusive government something that the president Ghani’s government has said can only come on the negotiating table not as a demand from the taliban.

Also from the government side talking about a comprehensive ceasefire which so far the taliban has not budged on so it is a high level delegation these are members of various segments of afghan society including their high peace negotiator.

The president the chairman of the high peace council as well as other leaders who are in here are trying to mend fences trying to move forward but the situation on the ground while these talks have continued in
Doha has deteriorated further.

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