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Afghan refugees in Pakistan are finally going back to home

Another story Afghan refugees in Pakistan are eager to go back home as the foreign forces finally end their presence in their country.

This report has more since 1979 Afghanistan has been in a state of war with the invasion of soviet forces and years later. The U.S the conflict drew millions to cross the border into Pakistan and take refuge.

Many children came when they were little boys but now with the foreign occupation finally ending many aflans hope to return home after 40 years. Pashtoon shows documents of their family’s property and hopes that Taliban will give it back to them. Afghanistan is like their mother. They have hundreds of acres of land.

But the people of Northern alliance have illegally seized their land when the U.S came and spoke about democracy. It was nothing but lies. They just want the Taliban to help them get their land back. They know they will fulfill their promises because they are honest muslims. With un’s assistance nearly 4 million Afghan refugees have been repatriated back to Afghanistan since 2002. But those who stayed back have their reasons.

Image credits : Reuters

They lost everything during the war between the Mujahideen and soviet forces when the Taliban defeated the Mujahideen they were happy and thought they could finally go back home. But then America invaded Afghanistan and their hope was lost. But finally after 20 years their country is free from foreign occupation. The Taliban have promised to help them and they think the time has come for them to go back.


Recently the United Nations thanked Pakistan and seven other countries for their support to the ongoing U.N operations in Afghanistan. It has warned that the war-torn country is facing a food insecurity and malnutrition crisis.

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