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Afghanistan: Chaos at the airport as Afghans try to flee

Kabul’s international airport has reopened after a day of chaos that brought evacuations to a standstill people are desperately trying to escape the capital after it was seized by the taliban.

U.S forces are in control of the airport as western countries send in planes to retrieve diplomats and support staff it’s the last exit point out of afghanistan not overseen by the militants on monday several people died after crowds rushed onto the runway trying to escape the country for 24 hours kabul’s Hamid karzai international airport was overrun by thousands of people desperate to flee at least seven died.

Some of whom had climbed onto the exterior of a military plane and fell as it took off the chaos delayed international evacuation efforts a german transport jet had to abort its flight after waiting for the runway to be cleared another circled for five hours before the u.s military was finally able to secure the airport several coalition countries have pledged to get Afghans who worked as military interpreters or embassy staff out of the country along with their own citizens still on the ground.
As the taliban take control of the rest of the city u.s president joe biden has threatened to use devastating force if they interfere with u.s operations outside the airport.

There are people that want for a visa to get out and there are people that are happy that the taliban are back and there’s anything any shade in between so reactions are really varied the taliban have declared a general amnesty for government officials.
They are even urging women to join a new government people there make of these pronouncements it’s not completely new the taliban have at least since a year if no longer called on government forces to like surrender and promise them amnesty this is kind of just the reiteration so far this seemed to have been part of an orchestrated taliban strategy to incentivize surrenders militarily.

The taliban would probably not have been able to take over the country so with their strategy of promising amnesty they manage that troops surrender and that they could like swiftly take over the country now they also still continue to assure people that everything will be fine however once in power this might changed.

People are waiting to see what’s going to happen next evacuation flights have resumed at kabul airport meanwhile after several people there died.
A military plane presumably at c-17 land in kabul airport planes taken off.

Afghans still believe incorrect rumors that if you make it to the airport western country will fly you out without anything else needed and people are apparently still trying to get out so people are going to the airport hoping to get out.

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1 Comment

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