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Afghanistan: city of Kunduz captured by taliban

Afghanistan where the northern city of Kunduz has fallen into taliban hands after afghan forces failed to hold the strategically.
Important city Afghanistan’s sixth largest city near the border with Tajikistan Kunduz has been the scene of fierce fighting.
The taliban is reported to also be advancing into the center of Sari Pul another northern provincial capital.

The situation in the north of afghanistan right now the north of afghanistan several points with intense fighting and back and forth claims by the taliban that they have taken over different areas and really at this point the only way we can confirm these things is by speaking to people on the ground.

The taliban are within these government offices and that they’ve raised their flags and that they’ve essentially made it into the central parts of these cities because the government is not giving any direct confirmation about what’s been going on they have yet to outright confirm that Kunduz in the south or any of these other places have come under taliban control.

They will release statements and videos saying that there are clearance operations and other operations for instance they just released the ministry of defense a video of a commando in kunduz saying that they’ve been conducting intense operations over the last 24 hours and that they’ve kept the taliban fighters from allegedly making it to central points in the city which is something that locals are refuting saying no they’ve actually made it.
into places like the prison into police headquarters and things like that so it’s a lot of back and forth at this point right so no outright confirmation yet from the afghan government but yet how significant are these gains for the taliban kunduz is definitely a very significant gain.

if we look at sort of their strategy over the last few weeks or the last couple months they really try to take one of the major cities of the country so they tried hard for kunduz they tried hard for lashkar gah ganeman and they tried hard for hirat they weren’t able to take any of those and the first cities that they were able to take zaranj.
They’re considered smaller they’re not necessarily provinces that get a lot of attention even from the government they’ve always sort of been ignored but a province like Kunduz given its population give it get strategic location and also the fact that they had been able to take it two times prior in 2015 and 2021 – 202.

The taliban it’s a good propaganda point it it’s something that they can sell very easily so kudos is the third provincial capital to fall in the past three days are the taliban advancing quicker than expected after the withdrawal of foreign troops it seems that way but but the one thing we have to remember is that a lot of these advances are eventually repelled so if we see that in the next few days Sheberghan Zarange and Kunduz come back into taliban hands.

The taliban hold control over an area for instance when the game was mainly about districts over the last few weeks the districts would be taken and then a few days or a couple weeks later the government would say we’ve retaken that district so if districts were trading hands so so quickly in the past how long can they keep cities or can they actually maintain control over these cities for extended periods of time.



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