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Afghanistan Crisis | Biden meets with national security

There’s also massive fallout from an interview that president Joe biden did with the abc network in which he showed no regret or sympathy over the way the crisis has been handled the taliban took just 11 days to take power in afghanistan after u.s troops withdrew.

it was an extraordinary interview the president giving an interview to abc’s george stephanopoulos last night once again evincing absolutely no regret about his decision to authorize this rapid botched military withdrawal that he insists would have led to chaos whenever and however it was unleashed.
The president suggested that he may allow american troops at the airport in kabul now to stay longer than the august 31st deadline that he initially imposed on the mission but only if there are still american citizens trying to get out of afghanistan he didn’t make that pledge that they would stay if there were afghans who have assisted the americans and other international forces over the last 20 years.

Still trying to get out and it was quite an extraordinary interview because abc news last night only transmitted a small portion of it and he was asked for example how he had felt about seeing the images of those afghans clinging to the fuselage of an american military plane at the airport earlier in the week some of them then plunging to their death as the plane took off and he simply dismissed it and said well that was four or five days ago and his response to that had been we’ve got to secure the airport well is he going to express any sympathies for the families of those afghans who lost their lives or the families of americans still struggling to get out of afghanistan.

abc published the full transcript of the interview and the answer to the question on both counts is no no sympathies or condolences expressed whatsoever it was another pretty callous performance by the president of the united states and at the same time the situation in kabul just seems to be worsening.

it’s the many people who through the last two decades assisted the international forces and it’s interesting when when u.s politicians agree one has to one has to know that it’s really serious this bipartisan group of 50 senators who are now appealing for things to to move quickly in terms of the u.s response.

The pentagon held a briefing and claimed that 7000 people have been evacuated by the u s military from kabul airport so far when reporters in the room drilled down they discovered that in fact what pentagon officials meant was that the united states forces at the airfield had assisted with the evacuation of 7000 people including evacuations that have been carried out by the germans by the british by the french and others and that in fact in the last 48 hours only 600 american citizens have been pulled out of afghanistan by that u.s military operation now the white house says there are some 12000 americans in afghanistan needing evacuation the pentagon insists there’s been no hostilities.



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