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Afghanistan: Deadly chaos continues at Kabul airport at least 20 died

Over the past week crowds have grown at kabul’s airport currently the only way out of afghanistan u.s forces control the airport to assist in the evacuation of their own citizens those from other countries and afghans who work with western forces and risk reprisals under the taliban but tens of thousands more have showed up outside the facility desperate to escape


The kabul airport is so crowded everyone wants to get out of here people need to look out for themselves because it’s such a tense situation don’t have any documents but want to go overseas the taliban is manning the gates of the airport and preventing many people from coming inside u.s troops have been unable to cope with the huge numbers of people trying to get on evacuation flights their job has become even more difficult as defense officials warned of a potential attack on the airport by daesh soldiers have been establishing alternative routes to the airport.

The pentagon says 17000 people have been airlifted out so far but officials say 75000 need to be evacuated before august the 31st that’s the deadline washington has set for the full withdrawal of its troops it’s unclear who will control kabul’s airport after that deadline nato has proposed the facility remain open after the end of august to get more people out the situation in kabul.

The whole city is fluid and dynamic and you have seen the images over the last 24 to 40 hours yourself of the situation outside the perimeter of the airport and it changes it changes almost by the hour and it changes in locations around the airport it’s very very fluid and dynamic former president donald trump has criticized his successor joe biden for the situation in afghanistan even though it was the trump administration which had negotiated the u.s troop withdrawal biden failed totally on the pandemic.
He’s now overseeing the greatest foreign policy humiliation in the history of the united states of america biden has defended the hasty exit saying some chaos was inevitable meanwhile the taliban has been trying to consolidate its control over afghanistan taliban co-founder abdulgani baradar is now in kabul for talks on forming a new government.


The group has promised a softer version of its hardline rule from 1996 to 2001 and says a model for what it calls an inclusive government should be ready in the next few weeks taliban officials admit that it won’t be a democracy like those in the west but they say their new government would protect everyone’s rights other governments and analysts though are skeptical of that promise given the taliban’s poor track record when it comes to the rights of women girls and minorities.

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