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Afghanistan: Ex-President Ashraf Ghani hiding In Abu Dhabi

The former president Of Afghanistan Ashraf ghani has settled in abu dhabi the capital of the United Arab emirates.

Ashraf ghani who fled afghanistan four days ago was initially said to have fled to tajikistan then to oman but now sources say that he has based out of abu dhabi that is the capital of the UAE.
it seems to suggest that he has now fled to abu dhabi this is the latest that we’re getting from reports from kabul that Ashraf ghani might be in abu dhabi now first were told that he had fled to tajikistan from afghanistan right when taliban had stormed into kabul and then days later reports were suggesting that he had moved to the middle east he had moved over to the middle east and he had come to oman and now being told that he has been he has now come to abu dhabi the capital of the united arab emirates.

These are reports that are coming in from kabul that are suggesting that he has moved to abu dhabi in the united arab emirates meanwhile as far as the situation in afghanistan is concerned well there is still some sort of while taliban is attempting to really exert the influence in the country the former vice president who has now declared himself as the president of the country Abdullah saleh.

Afghanistan is concerned at the moment as far as the former president ashraf ghani’s concern are now being told that he is probably in abu dhabi.

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1 Comment

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