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Afghanistan : First international civilian flight leaves and lands in Qatar

The first international civilian flight to leave Afghanistan since the U.S led withdrawal has now landed in Doha. More than 100 passengers were on board. The flight including U.S and German citizens the flight to Doha comes as the Taliban consolidate their grip on power less than a month after they seized control of Kabul. Another flight bound for Qatar is expected to depart on Friday. But many thousands of Afghans remain desperate to leave the country fearing for their future under Taliban rules.


It is not 100 verified but, apparently it was all like passport holders from foreign countries mainly U.S citizens some Canadian and British citizens. Afghans who got naturalized citizenship and this was a special flight. So this was a charter flight and this was based on an apparent agreement between these nations. The Taliban to repatriate them, so they are talking about foreigners who had the correct papers. They were allowed to leave.

The Taliban have said that they will allow and they have said this several times that they will allow Afghans who have all the right travel papers to come and go as they please at the moment. This is a rather hypothetical question because like today, this was a first flight. But this was under a special agreement. So this was not like a regular flight when regular international flights, commercial flights will again start is at the time still not clear. It might take several more days and then there will be the test how easy Afghans with the right papers can leave. For example the land border crossings are currently only partly open and neighboring countries don’t let Afghans in except when they have a VISA.

But it does not seem to happen like often. So this test is just yet to come in front. They focus a lot on the people who are trying to leave who are leaving the country, but the Taliban has 40 million Afghans now that it has to govern and it is facing lots of crisis is not. It humanitarian crisis indeed. There is a huge problem and many Afghans also say that like their biggest worry is the unemployment was already before like a huge problem.

But now it has like increased even more funds of the former government have been frozen and the Taliban have to now deal with a swiftly deteriorating economic situation and at the time being there is like no sign what or how they will do anything against it. So, this will be like one of the the biggest tests and one of the biggest thing to look out.

There is mounting concern about the fate of women under the Taliban those who’ve staged rallies demanding the right to work and to go to school have been met with violence. Many fear a return to repressive rule. It takes courage to protest openly against the Taliban especially for women. Yet these female protesters in mazay sharif refuse to be silenced. They demand the creation of secure jobs both for men and women and the right to participate in politics for women. The right for women to be selected and elected for leadership positions and the right to private ownership. The right for women to work in the judicial and legal sector and the right to freedom of speech. But the Taliban’s strict gender rules have already started to affect everyday life.


Female students returning to university on the first day of lectures after the summer break found. They had been separated from their male classmates and now this curtain it is horrible. But they have no choice. It is absurd everything has stopped for them. Many people have left, they feel lonely and desperate when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan 20 years ago women’s rights were severely curtailed. Women were not allowed to work. They were banned from education and only allowed in public fully covered and accompanied by a male chaperone.

This time around the hardline islamists have been keen to portray themselves as more moderate in their first press conference after taking power. Their spokesman promised women’s rights would be honored within the norms of Islamic law. Though he failed to elaborate on what exactly this would mean. Many women in Afghanistan expect to return to the dark days of the Taliban’s first reign.


The Taliban assumed power in Afghanistan, the country’s women’s football team has been disbanded with a large number of former players evacuated to Australia. On Wednesday a taliban spokesman said that female participation in any events that expose their bodies will be forbidden. Australia has responded saying a men’s cricket match between Afghanistan and Australia which is scheduled for November. Will be cancelled if the Taliban go through with the ban. It is not a surprise because they knew it when the taliban took away the country that is like the first instant action for them.

Especially was to get their players as possible get out of the country because they knew them. They have been always like this and they will never change. Of course they are changed in terms of like how they communicate with media. But with what with their action and what they are doing and especially the announcement that they are made. They have never been changed that they don’t see a woman in participating in any activities in society. They just want to vanish women, they don’t see women as part of the population.

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