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Afghanistan : Hardship grows as economy nears collapse

Governing requires a different set of skills than warring and after two decades in the wilderness fighting. The Taliban faced the mundane. But challenging tasks of keeping the lights on traffic running and the banks open. The new Taliban finance minister knows how to raise money to buy weapons. But appears poorly equipped to coordinate fiscal and monetary policy. The banks are limiting withdrawals inflation is skyrocketing unemployment is high.


The Taliban has pledged that they will try to get rid of opium production. So it’s going to be very tricky for them. Foreign aid and that has generally stopped. People say that Russia and China providing some aid. There’s significant skepticism as to the real intentions of the Chinese and Russians. If they’re really willing to match the sums that were coming in previously. They’ve been known in the past good pr efforts. But not really to be willing to provide the same volumes of money in the long run as for the largely Western a that used to prop up.


The government in Kabul, there’s great concern in Western capitals that money will just support the Taliban and help them to expand their control of this country. So, attempts to try and ring fence that kind of finance for medical care for education for direct humanitarian intervention and somehow prevent that money from falling into the hands of the Taliban authorities. But precious little plan or idea how that can really be put into practice. How really they can do that without giving. The Taliban in kabul a lifeline.

There are some more developments in Afghanistan. The mayor of Kabul is warning the city could soon be without water. The shortage has been sparked by a drought and made worse by the conflict. A Taliban minister has called on Afghans to stay in the country rather than go abroad repeating the claim that there is an amnesty for those who used to work for the Western-backed government and the Taliban have banned barber shops in the South from shaving or trimming beards saying their edict is in line with islamic law.

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1 Comment

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