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Afghanistan : (Inteqal) Afghan’s transition

Now the Taliban are expected to announce the formation of a new government on Afghanistan.

Today Taliban leader says preparations are underway for the ceremony inside the presidential palace. The Taliban have already appointed administrative officials for various provinces and regions. The country’s flag carrier Haryana Afghani alliance has said domestic flights are set to resume today. While inherit dozens of Afghanistan women have demonstrated to demand their rights to employment and education.


Meanwhile a Taliban spokesperson also said China has promised to keep its embassy open and increase humanitarian native Afghanistan. So, they added that the UK and Germany also pledged to boost assistance and future cooperation with the Taliban.

The U.N says it has resumed humanitarian flights to parts of the country and three planes have arrived in mazzare sharif so far. Earlier the U.S treasury department said is not easing sanctions on the Taliban or losing restrictions on the access to global financial system.

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1 Comment

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