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Afghanistan : Kabul blasts: 13 US servicemen among 100s dead, 1300 injured

The situation so far this morning is somewhat clear than it was yesterday when we kept hearing as many as half a dozen explosions and this is after the two terrorist bomb blasts at the airport some of them were explained by the taliban to the local population as as control detonations carried out by american servicemen destroying their assets equipment that they don’t want to leave behind and that they can’t evacuate.


Nevertheless things are dead there hasn’t been the sort of shooting we heard overnight and the sirens that we heard yesterday but from what we understand and this has been confirmed to us by numerous sources there were searches and raids carried out throughout the city over the course of tonight and and this this morning as well those searches and raids are still ongoing the terror threat at the airport is still high may have seen footage from the airport this morning the crowds never went away and it’s it’s very difficult to describe just how many people there are at the airport now.

How tightly packed together they are and how impossible it is to to vet them to sort of pat them all down before they get to the fence before they get to the various checkpoints thousands and thousands of people pack together screaming jostling shoving trying to get into the airport that hasn’t changed and nato countries as well as the taliban are all warning that the crowds must disperse for their own safety those who carried out these these attacks these awful attacks more than a hundred people killed 150 injured injured seriously as well as many hundreds that needed medical attention or some sort of attention.

they saw the carnage that they caused isis allegedly has claimed responsibility and the the threat is and the the fear here is that they’ll try again which is why we’re seeing these searches carried out now these raids by taliban fighters allegedly coordinating with u.s forces but as we say the situation remains tense not quite as bad as it was yesterday but nevertheless far from car.

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1 Comment

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