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Afghanistan : Kabul Explosion Kills Two As Rocket Hits Residential

News coming in from kabul there has there are reports of a huge explosion that has taken place in kabul this comes just three days after we had the twin suicide attacks in kabul right outside the airport.


We’re getting of social media of different users of different journalists putting out these pictures of explosion that has been reported in kabul city.
We will get our reporters on the ground as well to get give us more details as to where exactly this explosion has taken place but very initial reports from local journalists that we are getting is that there has been explosion in kabul in fact earlier today we also had u.s president joe biden giving out a warning of another terror attack in kabul in the next 36 hours.

Kabul Explosion Kills Two As Rocket Hits Residential
This was last night when president joe biden has had released a statement and we’re now getting reports of a explosion in the kabul city the location Kabul Explosion
Kills Two As Rocket Hits Residential.

Another terrorist attack on in kabul that is highly likely in fact he had earlier said that in the next 24 to 36 hours there could be another attack on kabul airport this comes exactly as with with just three days remaining for complete u.s withdrawal these are two pictures that we have accessed or from the social media of a possible explosion in kabul’s city.

The soldiers who are left now who have to withdraw from the airport and there are no civilians being evacuated as of now so uh very clearly the tipping point is coming which means that the the planners of these bomb blasts want to concentrate the mind of the world on the on the dangers of terrorism taking root in afghanistan very conveniently glossing over.

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