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Afghanistan : Mourners killed in bomb blast at Taliban funeral

In Afghanistan where several people have been killed in a bomb blast outside a well-known Mosque. The explosion happened as mourners gathered at the eidgar mosque complex for the funeral of a senior Taliban official’s mother. Taliban leaders were expected to attend a nearby hospital says it’s treating four victims no one has so far claimed responsibility.


It is still a lot of confusion over the actual number of casualties. Some sources saying just two civilian casualties, others being quoted as naming that casualty total at around eight with more wounded.


It is the memorial service for his own mother that is being targeted and predictably obviously. The suspicion is falling on so-called Islamic State who have emerged in recent weeks as the Taliban’s main challenges. In Afghanistan there was also a shooting attack in the Eastern city of Jalalabad this weekend is Afghanistan poised for more violence after several weeks of relative calm. Well indeed this was this attack there in Kabul.


The most high profile attack since the attack on Kabul airport in August. But those attacks especially outside kabul never really ended. This was an attack on a journalist. They’ve been attacked on Taliban posts in that Jalalabad region which is known to be a particular hot spot for circle Islamic State in Afghanistan and for all the kind of trouble messages from the Taliban that they are now well and truly in control after 20 years fighting. The Americans sending them home.

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