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Afghanistan: President Ashraf Ghani flees to Tajikistan

Ashraf ghani there the now former president of afghanistan has left from Afghanistan he is now in tajakistan sources say that ashraf ghani leaves afghanistan he is currently in tajakistan as taliban is all set to take over kabul.

Ghani along with the nsa mohib and dg admin office of president fazel in tajakistan currently ghani’s exit in fact he stepped down he’s headed already in tajakistan as far as we hear afghanistan is of course now without an official government remember Asharf ghani who was in kabul all this while has now left for tajakisthan he will he is there currently along with his nsa the security advisers.

A few from his office in fact there were reports of threat to life fashionis team members have been hinting at in fact ghani has now left afghanistan he’s now in tajakistan sources tell us that ashraf ghani leaves afghanistan and lands in tajakistan along with his nsa a few few from his administration who’s worked with him they’ve accompanied him and he’s now moved to tajikistan.

Kabul has fallen to the hands of taliban in fact about 5 million people the population in kabul several of them literally trying to flee kabul in fear of the taliban who’ve now fast approached from all corners and have taken over kabul almost completely.
Afghanistan kabul now at the hands of taliban which signifies more or less that entire afghanistan now is in the hands of taliban of course in no time from now will see several other districts and cities also being taken over at over 140 districts that have now come in the formally come in the control of the taliban they’ve entirely captured more than half of the country.
Entire country that’s been taken over by Taliban

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1 Comment

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