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Afghanistan: Sheberghan second Afghan provincial captured by taliban

The taliban have captured the city of Sheberghan in northern afghanistan’s Jowzjan province that’s the second provincial capital to falter the group in less than 24 hours.

The first is zarange the provincial capital of nimroz and it was seized on friday the Taliban have also killed the government’s senior media officer in Jabul meanwhile aAfghan government forces claimed to have killed hundreds of ta12liban militants in offensives and airstrikes in the west and southwest of the country about half of the country’s provinces have seen heavy battles and street fighting in recent weeks.

Some civilians in Sheberghan who fled the city because of the mass destruction caused by both warring sides because Taliban are now using different tactics for advancing or gaining more territory they are using their tactics that they were used to use back in 90s and now they have more of foreign fighters as the government forces claim there is a lack of coordination.

Between the afghan forces and pro-afghan government forces today Marshall former vice president of Afghanistan had a meeting with the Afghan president who actually had a stronghold and his son is has been fighting there but to people close to his son they actually evacuated their base and they came out of the city and they are now waiting outside of the city for more reinforcement or to be evacuated.

Even from there so it means that the taliban’s new strategy is now more complicating the the the image of war in Afghanistan especially we cannot see any solid steps taken by the afghan government to prove that they have their red lines to protect the provincial capitals that have been very important for the government.

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