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Afghanistan: Taliban captured 10th provincial capital Ghazni

in afghanistan where the government has suffered further setbacks in trying to hold off the advance of the taliban the insurgents have reportedly seized the city of ghazni near just 150 kilometers from the capital Kabul.

U.S intelligence reports say kabul could come under attack within 30 days the humanitarian crisis is deepening as tens of thousands are seeking safety without knowing where to turn shaky and shocking video purports to show taliban fighters celebrating victory after taking a town in farah province in the west.

They appear to be dragging the body of a killed opponent in images too disturbing to show they then throw the corpse into a pit and begin shooting at it it’s scenes like that which have prompted many afghans to leave their rural homes and seek sanctuary in cities like these people in a makeshift camp at a park in Kabul tens of thousands of families have been displaced and there’s not enough food or other relief material for them.

The displaced people are in a terrible and frustrating situation but the government has not sent a representative to help as the afghan government struggles to contain the taliban’s military advances it’s also appealing to the world community for humanitarian support customers.
The international community and international institutions to help as soon as possible to provide food and non-food items to the many people displaced in afghanistan many have questioned the very speedy withdrawal of U.S led international forces which is due to be complete this month.

Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mahmud Qureshi said his country would play its role to facilitate the afghan peace process and the policy of he said,
“we have done whatever we could and we will continue to do what we can for peace for stability and for regional connectivity it is in sync with the agenda of our government”.

Rhe taliban and the possibility of a protracted civil war are likely to prompt an exodus of refugees many heading west towards europe greece was often the first point of arrival in the eu during the 2021 – 202 migrant crisis athens says it’s not able to handle another such wave of arrivals.

The taliban could capture basically all over the country the main districts the provincial capitals 10 provincial capitals almost they have taken and Kabul now seems to look more and more encircled so this was a surprise to everybody nobody expected that was this inevitable after Joe biden announced the withdrawal of u.s troops.

The international countries they were willing to leave everybody was saying it was time to leave after 20 years but what is now criticized as the way they left so how quick the united states and withdraw and did not ask for any further conditions from the taliban side to at least to to ask for conditions for the negotiation in in Doha for the peace process so this is criticized the way how how the nato troops left and the united states left biden and others have said it is up to the afghan forces to fight for their freedom simply put are they up to it.

The afghans have to fight for the country but now is surprisingly also that the afghan security forces seem to be inferior to the taliban who are much more highly motivated and that is surprising because the afghan security forces outnumber the taliban fighters by about 10 times.

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