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Afghanistan: Taliban captured Jalalabad cut off Kabul from east

The taliban fighters have captured the city of jalalabad the capital of nangarhar province it was one of two remaining government strongholds and really just a few hours drive away from the capital kabul the collapse of that eastern city would mean another major setback for president Ghani put the taliban effectively in control of most of the country earlier the group’s fighters seized a hugely important commercial hub.

Mazaar sharif the fall of afghanistan’s fourth largest city puts it in control of all northern provinces and means that kabul is now dangerously within reach of the armed group so with those forces crumbling in the face of the taliban surge the u.s is sending thousands of its troops back to afghanistan but this is to support the ongoing withdrawal and to help evacuate american diplomats and staff.
president Joe biden says he will support a political settlement but insists any assault by the taliban on the u.s military will be met with what he called a swift and strong response.

Mazaar sharif which we just heard about 300 kilometers away kunduz 240 kilometers away and then further to the south got khasi 126 and jalalabad which we mentioned incredibly close 115 kilometers as the crow flies from kabul.
The cities just keep falling the list is certainly growing it is hard to keep up out to number 24 of the provincial capitals that have fallen to the taliban of a total of 34 and that has happened in just nine days now so the taliban certainly steamrolling its way across the country the two provinces that it has picked up overnight and early this morning are Nangarhar picked up their provincial capitals they are directly east of kabul they actually boarded kabul to the east and the government had been fighting incredibly hard to keep those not only are they close to kabul but they essentially cut kabul off from pakistan.
A lot of the city resupplied through that highway so incredibly worrying for the government now to have that cut also logar the province directly to the south of kabul fell on friday and directly to the west of kabul wardak is under heavy pressure.



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