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Afghanistan: Taliban Captured Zaranj the capital of Nimruz’s Province

The taliban has seized their first provincial capital and killed a senior government official The militants have captured Zaranj the capital of Nimruz’s province in the south.

Taliban Seize Capital of Afghanistan's Nimruz Province

the taliban say they have taken control of the governor’s house police headquarters and other government facilities they also killed the country’s chief media officer who was shot at a mosque in Kabul on friday the UN special envoy to the country said the conflicts have entered a new deadlier and more destructive face she called on the security council to take action.

Taliban were capable of overrunning the province of Nimroz in western part of the country which means that they were not Afghan special forces and it means the intensified level of fighting in southern afghanistan in Lashkar gah actually showed that the government is trying to protect its red line or its provincial capitals at any cost and many special forces were deployed there so this was a prominent.
Afghan government spokesperson that was killed and assassinated today by the Talibans in the taliban fighters or assassinators in Kabul and this actually could mean a lot for people who are living in Kabul because previously many journalists and civil activists who were assassinated or killed no one killed were claiming responsibility.
For all those assassinations but this actually could make it very clear that there is a shift in Taliban’s new strategy that is worrying people especially those have been civil activists.
The journalists in Kabul because this also could put another impact on the situation not only on the front line but also within the government institutes because if the Taliban would continue this current target killings or assassinations it may would scare a lot of people who are working in different levels of the Afghan government.

it seems like the taliban are now shifting their strategy to other parts in order to scatter the afghan special forces in different parts and take their foot on the ground in different parts to make difficult for them unfortunately the intensified level of fighting would affect more people to get displaced to to get killed or actually to pay high the price of of this current conflict because now the the fighting have been actually transferred into these cities and into the streets of the cities which is scary and which is causing a lot of destruction and and damages and lives been losing lost.



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