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Afghanistan : Taliban deny reports of international division in their leadership

At least some people are having fun in Afghanistan. People cannot go back because their homes are destroyed and they don’t have money to rebuild or even enough money to feed their family for a month. The U.N has warned that a humanitarian crisis is looming in Afghanistan poverty and unemployment rates were high before the Taliban sees power. Now they are spiraling many public services are no longer functioning and one in three Afghans does not know where their next meal is coming from. According to the U.N many are also running out of cash to buy food. The Taliban have limited the amount of money.


People are allowed to withdraw from banks as part of efforts to prevent the collapse of the economy. This is also fueling tensions in some places. Though life does go on but this flea market in Kabul also tells the story of what is happening to people’s lives are selling their things out of desperation. For example when their rent is pending and they don’t have the money for it. They sell their home furniture to pay their rent or buy food and other necessities. Some are also selling their possessions to fund their flight out of Afghanistan. Thousands are still trying to leave a large number are hoping to cross the border into Pakistan. The future there also remains uncertain.


The government in Islamabad has said they will be unable to travel into the country’s heartland, but will have to live in refugee camps for the foreseeable future in the face of a humanitarian crisis. The country’s acting foreign minister thanked the world for pledging more than one billion dollars in emergency aid for the country. But it remains unclear how much of this aid will actually reach to hungry Afghans. Many organizations are still reluctant to deal directly with the Taliban. Afghanistan’s new acting foreign minister has begun the monumental task of convincing the world to work with the Taliban. He stressed that the Taliban will keep their promises. But also warned foreign powers to stay out of Afghanistan affairs.


They want good relations with the international community. We want relations based on mutual agreements. They ask the international community not to put any further pressure on Afghans. The policy of aggression has not yielded any results in 20 years and will not do so in the future. While securing help from the international community is vital getting local Afghans on board is also important. The shortage of money, food and medicine is starting to bite and many Afghans are urging the Taliban to focus on creating jobs.

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