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Afghanistan: Taliban have overrun 13 provincial capitals

Taliban are on a rampager in afghanistan the country has been falling like a house of cards in the hands of taliban after herat the taliban is captured afghanistan’s second largest city kandahar it comes as a major success for the taliban because kandahar is their former stronghold.

it’s now inching closer to the capital kabul taliban have cut off a crucial highway link in ghazni as well they’ve essentially taken over 12 off afghanistan’s 34 provincial capitals weeks after launching the offensive amid the u.s troops withdrawal meanwhile with the situation rapidly deteriorating U.S is planning to send in 3000 troops only to help evacuate its officials from the Kabul embassy United Kingdom too is sending 600 troops to support british nationals leaving the country canada is evacuating its citizens and sending troops.

India also issued an advisory for its nationals asking them to immediately leave the country alarming reports from afghanistan the united states embassy in kabul spoke of reports of taliban executing afghan army soldiers who had surrendered saying the information was deeply disturbing and could constitute war crimes taliban on thursday claimed to have taken control of ghazni a crucial city leading to afghanistan’s capital kabul amidst u.s intelligence reports that kabul could collapse sooner than anticipated the governor of ghazni surrendered to the taliban and was permitted to leave amidst by the taliban.

Afghanistan’s president Ashraf Ghani has not only replaced the afghan army chief but has also reached out to ethnic uzbek warlord marshal abdul rashid and ethnic tajik leader Nohammad Noor to rally the warlords to fight against.
Afghanistan has accused the taliban of brutal atrocities and war crimes Dr. Abdullah head of the afghan negotiations team after the doha meeting hit out at the taliban accusing them of human rights violations resulting in a humanitarian catastrophe in afghanistan he urged the world to prevail upon taliban to stop.

The situation in several provinces remains extremely tense hundreds of afghan soldiers have surrendered to the taliban in kunduz after holding on to the airport which is now under the control of the taliban.
Pitch battles continue in kandahar amidst reports that the taliban have freed several prisoners and fighters from the kandahar prison afghanistan is now seeking an immediate cease fire as the taliban seems to be pushing towards capital kabul.

The situation certainly is dire in Afghanistan with the taliban now forging ahead u.s international reports say that in 90 days the taliban would be in kabul this even as there are reports of an offer of a power sharing agreement between the taliban and the afghan government that this is not a new offer although the two meetings that are taking place in Doha must have had conversations regarding power sharing but this is something that is an ongoing offer and has been in conversation ever since the obama administration started speaking with the taliban.
Many stakeholders in the region were a part of that important meeting in doha outcome of the meetings are yet to be known but the fact is that the world and international community right now quite concerned about what is happening on the ground and even as the u.s has said that its policy of withdrawing from america remains unchanged which is president biden’s statement there is a new information that’s coming in that about 3000 troops additional troops would be sent to kabul because of the because of the deteriorating security situation right and a thousand troops would be kept in qatar in in case things get bad in advance.

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