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Afghanistan : Taliban leaders met Afghan politicians

Taliban leaders have reportedly met Afghan politicians in a bid to form an inclusive government.

Days after deceased Kabul, a spokesman for former president Hamid Karzai said the meetings would facilitate talks with mullah abdulgani brother who has reportedly arrived in Afghanistan. Hundreds of diplomats and other civilians have been evacuated from Kabul on military flights as efforts gained pace to get people out. Reports have also surfaced that the Taliban have violently broken up a protest quashing a rare public show of descent in Jalalabad.

Meanwhile the ua says former Afghan press tanasha fani is in abu dhabi on humanitarian considerations. Rani is accused of fleeing afghanistan with four cars and a helicopter full of cash just after the fall of kabul. Earlier UK prime minister varshants and said the Taliban will be judged on their actions and not by their words.

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1 Comment

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