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Afghanistan : Taliban race to complete Afghanistan takeover

It took the Taliban just one week to regain control of Afghanistan.A country that a Western alliance tried to rebuild over 20 years despite.

Image : AFP

Billions of dollars spent on training Afghan troops to take up the fight themselves. Many surrendered without a fight civilians are wondering what will come next? Will the taliban reimpose the same brutal rules as when they were last in power. That all but eliminated women’s rights.

 No guarantee of where the future of Afghanistan is leading to. We heard their fear acceptance and defiance among Afghans after a week of watching the taliban’s rapid nationwide advance. The islamist group was ousted from kabul two decades ago by a U.S led invasion after the september 11 attacks ever since the militants have fought to retake Afghanistan with an end goal of installing islamic law across the country. Many Afghan elites are fleeing the Taliban advance but millions more are left behind uncertain of what’s to come.

Many parts of the countries and many provinces the Taliban basically gave governors the option either a fight with them and there will be lots of bloodshed or they can just give them the power and just give them the control of provinces. This happened in many provinces so after nearly 20 years of fighting alongside. NATO troops training billions of dollars in weapons and equipment. How could the Afghan army still have failed to hold back the Taliban advance. This is also not a new development. Many Afghan analysts have been saying this for many years that the Afghan military is under-financed and badly trained.

But it was American analysts and the American defense system who kept saying no they are ready and we are ready to leave them. Which was actually not the case and now we’re seeing that it was wrong. It was not true. Afghan military was not ready and the transition should have happened in a longer period. What do you see happening if the Taliban does assume government control. They are hearing now that the taliban. They do want full control of the government before they kept saying or at least that was what Afghan politicians kept saying that they want an interim government and they want to share the power but what it looks like now is that they want full control. It might actually happen in a few hours that they will declare Afghanistan to be the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

Can you describe the feelings of Afghanistan women about the prospect of the Taliban being back in power. They have mixed feelings. Lots of women are very scared they feel for their lives they fear for their freedom. But then they also see resilient women who are saying that they will not go back to the 90s. They want to fight for their rights. It remains to be seen what will happen. But Afghan women in general are disappointed. They feel left alone by their Western allies who promised them that they would fight for them and they would never leave them alone.

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