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Afghanistan: U.S pullout & impact on region

Aghanistan it is very important because a lot of developments are taking place not only it is quite visible that Afghan taliban keep on expanding theirs way.

We have seen two other developments one the afghan forces air forces actually are using aerial bombing to try to deter them that is one development the other development is that in Lashkarga and Herat have been accusations and the U.S and U.K and other countries have accused that taliban forces are killing innocent civilians.
The U.S totally withdraws from that region and doesn’t look back so what exactly is going to happen or what to expect in coming days these are important issues one question that was repeatedly asked how is it that of on taliban who were in a state of deadlock but who couldn’t expand their territory beyond a certain limit for 20 years all of a sudden have expanded so or rapidly and they don’t seem to deter there are questions about the organization there are other questions as well and then is there possibility that there is a kind of tropic and a war going on as well and certain spoilers of peace keep on adding stories where none exist.

Afghanistan is in turmoil after realizing that this was a lost cause the U.S-led Nato coalition forces have left in a hasty retreat warlords politicians and other local and regional actors have set their eyes on Kabul.
The power left by the withdrawal of coalition troops is currently being filled in by the afghan taliban according to recent Al-Jazeera estimates taliban control over 85 percent of the total territory of Afghanistan with the exception of a few major government centers that are still under the control of the Ashraf Ghani’s-led of one government the taliban have flexed their military muscles and now they are waging war on the diplomatic front as well with top taliban leadership meeting chinese the iranians and foreign dialogues are occurring as well key regional and world actors especially Pakistan and the United states are closely monitoring the situation in Afghanistan to ensure that the region remains peaceful and stable.

The situation that is going on it seems that it is a royal rumble and people whosoever can actually land as many blows they are doing it. The trends which was set in the last few months are the same so but at the same time intensity has increased in the wildness if we see that the Ashraf Ghani is retweeting the same word the ones normally ruling elite did in the past that they always allege their beneficiaries rather than looking that what they are committing the mistakes instead of going for a you can say dialogue process and compromising on his regime today he went to the parliament or yesterday into the parliament and he retweeted his stance that they are going to fight back and they are going to take.

The situation is becoming more and more complex and volatile the reason is that Taliban succeeded very easily in the countryside areas in the rural areas in certain areas where they were lesser populated or but what we are expecting now is that in the urban and in the urban centers the way they are responding the Afghan national forces. The government forces and then the running President Ghani went to the parliament and they try to boost the morale of his forces that indicates that in the near future the government is not ready to compromise or president ghani is not going to give a chance to the peace or the dialogue.

Ashaf Ghani will committed with his presidency and then he tried to convince the Taliban. today despite this that he’s dependent on the political and economic assistance of the U.S. Ghani started alleging the u.s and in that he categorically stated that they left but why he was saying i failed to understand since two years the process was on right and it was written on the wall that sooner or later the american forces will be leaving the only thing is that they abruptly went for getting rid of moving their 300-plus soldiers seven three thousand soldiers plus seven thousand Nato soldiers and eighteen hundred contractors but at the same time what is the on the other side which you rightly pointed out in the beginning and in your report as well taliban acceptability at the international level that seems very impressive for instance.

Chinese received them and the taliban ensured them that they are going to control this eastern Turkestan Islamic movement which was part of the crisis at the same time Russians met them they promised them that we will be going to control the Islamic state.

President of Ashraf Ghani actually claimed that the U.S’s withdrawing because of him it is his success that he is trading his country of foreign involvement then of course it was blamed Pakistan and now it has blamed the U.S the question at this moment is there going to be more bloodshed in communities is there a possibility that there won’t be that kind of fight so the first thing is that these shifting stances they clearly shows his confusion and his weakness because otherwise if he was strong and if he was on strong footing he would have been you know sticking to one narrative.

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