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Afghanistan: What will be role of women in Afghanistan’s new govt?

An issue of trust of course between the taliban and the population of afghanistan and especially for the women The taliban’s cultural commission that women should join the government.

The statement has come up a lot of women have actually come in coming up and in the local media and on the streets of course
the numbers are very very few compared to what we saw three four days ago but at the same time these statements have to actually put into action and we don’t know who would do it at this point because we do not have a government in place but once there is a government in place of course this is a new Afghanistan and the taliban are not in the 96 nor afghanistan is under 96.

There’s new change the new afghanistan and the taliban and it is going to be a new opportunity as well to kind change their image the way they have been actually kind of enforcing themselves in all these years in the before 20 years and now because it’s a new afghanistan and this young generation these young women much much courageous than was 20 years ago.

The taliban so it’s it’s a very different afghanistan right now it’s more important right now just to take a step back because as it’s been very noticeable that world leaders just even afghans themselves apart from obviously their immediate emotions almost nobody’s able to process what’s happened and therefore can’t really give some kind of rational reaction about the way forward but stepping taking that step back what would to see happen in terms of how the taliban relate to the people because if a taliban representative themselves
says something that issue of trust which is lost of course during that initial period of taliban power that
takes more than just words to rebuild so some kind of people that the afghan people as a individual or as a group of people the afghan people would say yes we trust them.
And we want them to go and speak to the taliban and tell us that they trust and believe what the taliban is saying because they’ve looked them in the eye and believed that the taliban has the future of our people at heart.

This war has come to an end. It is an important point number one and the second point is that this bloodshed that how have lost so many
lives if it was from all sides whoever has lost a life in afghanistan that has to come to an end so that is the if that is kind of the entry point or the anchoring of this whole situation things will start changing looking forward to see if they are this amnesty for the afghan forces of the amnesty for the

The statement from the taliban cultural committee and women can be part of and yesterday today we saw women on the local televisions not on the national television but on the other private channels but at the same time right things are so afghanistan is so overshadowed by the news from the airport and it’s pathetic see people kind of dropping down themselves from the airplanes.

Germany just said that they have stopped their aid what would happen to all these international humanitarian efforts that needs to happen this country has had so much poverty there are 18 million people at the brink of poverty what happens to all that so there is a lot of anxiety around what happens next and where does the money for the Govt.

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