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Afghanistan : Who is Behind Kabul Attacks?

Kabul Airport Attack

There is a huge gathering of people on Kabul Airport who are trying to go abroad as Taliban has controled over the Afghanistan. The are worried about their future. Many foreigners are also waiting for their Flights. All the European countries, America, Turkey and many other countries e trying to pull out their citizens from Afghanistan as soon as possible. American and British Army is helping the people to go out on Kabul Airport. Airport is totally under the control of American Forces. England, America , Australia and some other countries have shown the threats of ISIS attack on Kabul Airport.
The same incident happened on 26 of Aug. The 2 bombers hit the Kabul Airport. First suicide bomb was blast on the eastern gate of Kabul Airport. The second bomb blast when the rescue operation was underway. So far more than two hundred casualties have been confirmed and more than 150 injuries. American officials confirmed a dozen casualties of American army personnels. Some are injured as well. Taliban said that their 28 militants have also been killed in the attack. ISIS has accepted the responsibility of this deadly attack. Media reports says that there is a stress on the Kabul Hospitals.
After the attack, American presidents talked to Media. He said that He has ordered to give action plan against the ISIS. They will go against the IS-K. He said that we are sharing information with Talibans. British has also demanded the investigations of the attack. Talibans have established a committee to probe into the attack.
What is IS-K?
Islamic state of Khurasan is the sub group of ISIS. It was established in 2015 under the heights of Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). IS-K has about 3000 fighters in Afghanistan. They have a strong recruiting system. IS-K is group of militant Jihadist. This group usually Targets Afghanistan national forces , Talibans, Shia Muslims and Other minorities.

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