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Africa in focus : Self governing, Autonomous Somaliland

In Africa, it’s a self-governing autonomous region with its own currency military and passport. But it is not recognized as a sovereign state.


Somaliland which has broken away and declared independence from Somalia 30 years ago. It’s seen as a stable region especially when compared to the rest of Somalia where there is a big terrorism threat. But most of Somaliland’s 4.5 million people live in poverty.


There are normal government institutions. Somaliland has its own flag, its own currency, its own military and somalilanders are also very proud that Somaliland is safe compared to Somalia where in Somalia foreigners couldn’t just move around easily and and freely in Somaliland. So that’s a real difference there. Of course people are also very shaped by the history and the civil war that happened there three thirty years ago. When then rulers there had bombed Somaliland and killed tens of thousands of people. So people are still traumatized. The economy is crippled. So the situation is quite difficult for most people in Somaliland. But there is and also women’s rights are also limited. But there’s a change happening actually in the society in Somaliland and one especially when it comes to the rights of women one shining example is a young woman.

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