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African countries struggle to vaccinate against COVID-19

African countries have been struggling to get Covid19 vaccines and when they do not every shot is always used in may malawi and south sudan had to destroy thousands of doses after they expired and not everyone wants to get the jab there are some who think that this vaccine will make them important that some will still believe that these vaccines will either kill them.
it’s a big challenge to African not everyone is convinced covid is real despite the news some say the risks are exaggerated and then there’s the legacy of unethical medical research on the continent that has left many wary of western medicine about two percent of the african population has been fully vaccinated against covid so far vaccine access is the biggest problem skepticism is also a challenge.

malawi people are lining up again outside the vaccination centers there’s been a new vaccine delivery and because case numbers have been increasing in recent weeks so has people’s willingness to get jabbed compare that to just a few months ago when malawi had to incinerate almost 20000 unused astrazeneca doses that had passed their expiry date vaccine hesitancy is still widespread even right outside.

Vaccine skepticism will eventually be overcome on the continent as the higher percentage of population get vaccinated less the has the hesitancy decrease because people can see that other people that have been vaccinated.
in south africa to have a big problem because they had very severe wave and people tend to want to be vaccinated when they have seen the severity of the infections for other countries that didn’t have severe infections rates maybe a little bit more skepticism back in many of those waiting for their vaccine are also optimistic that people will eventually accept that the jab is in their best interest.

Covid vaccine is there to protect people it’s not there to kill people in fact the authorities what it’s about to do is to sensitize people go in the villages have some communal meeting tell them the truth of what is there because sometimes the social media is the one that is peddling a lot of lies but there’s still a lot of convincing to be done fewer than one percent of all malawians are fully vaccinated.

Sometimes based on social media as there’s a lot of rumor going on on social media so vaccines are a great asset and vaccination saves lives but vaccines will only save lives if people take them if they are taken up and that while access is a big problem in africa in most countries that vaccine hesitancy is also a major challenge in various surveys that have been done in africa.
The proportion of people who say that they are uncertain whether they will take the vaccine or they will those who already said that they will not take it it varies somewhere between 50 percent and maybe 15 percent in depending on the country and at times it changes from time to time in one study.

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1 Comment

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