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Alveena Agha Viral Banana Video with guest Khawaja Naveed Ahmed

Alveena Agha, a Pakistani columnist, burst out laughing when an expert comprehensively described the different sizes of bananas using hand movements. as a result of the discovery that bananas from Mumbai and Dhaka are larger than bananas found in Pakistan.

In the video, specialist Khawaja Naveed is heard saying, “Assuming some exploration and adventure is done, the bananas found in Bombay (Mumbai) are so huge that if by chance there are six bananas in one room, there are he smell of bananas spreads. all over the room.

The Pakistani banana master praised the bananas of Dhaka and said: “Comparably, the bananas of Dhaka are so huge and not at all like those found in Sindh”, again using his wrist to demonstrate estimate the size of bananas from Bangladesh. in Khawaja Naveed, bananas from Sindh were exceptionally rare in size.

At a time when the “banana master” Khawaja Naveed was showing the size of bananas in Mumbai and Dhaka using hand movements, other (dirty?) Brain contemplations. The obvious “thought” to her was solid that she couldn’t help but burst out laughing on the live TV, trying to keep her head down.

Continuing to laugh. , Anchor said banana exploration is extremely rare in Pakistan and more improvements are needed in this area.From that point on, he asked Khawaja Naveed to explain to observers that he was only discussing groundbreaking banana work in Pakistan. Despite Agha’s mad laughter, Naveed kept his cool and said, “They should investigate and bring bananas from Bombay and Dhaka to Pakistan, which would have broadened their interest and business. The Pakistani TV presenter Alveena Agha couldn’t help but laugh on television. When her interviewee described in depth different types of bananas in order to highlight the country’s development problems.

Interviewee, Khawaja Naveed Ahmed, compared bananas from Pakistan to those from India, explaining in detail how the latter are better in size and quality He claimed that Mumbai bananas are large in size and if there were six in one room, the whole room would be fragrant. He also used hand gestures to explain the size of bananas in Dhaka and said that in Sindh, bananas are the size of He said the country needs better research to do good use of knowledge Only then did Agha burst out laughing. In the clip shared on Twitter by Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat, Agha can be seen laughing as she talks about development issues.

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