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Android Trojan: 144 countries affected by cyber threat

If you recently had any of your social media profiles hacked it might be due to the android called fly trap 144 countries were hit by the malware including countries.

In african continent the trojan has been infecting social media apps and app stores well.
flytrap once you are in there or the malware is in there there’s no way of go of going out indeed indeed but this is the problem that if you’re not careful anybody can install malware on your computer and people have got to be much more concerned about this and much more.

These these malware operations do this kind of thing they get onto your computer they see if they so it depends what kind of variety they are but they very much get onto your phone they look at your contacts they look they try and see if they can find credentials like credit cards or login details all those people who save their login details in a in a note just to play notes in their phones is just asking for trouble.
Because that’s the kind of stuff that that these malware apps are looking for when they want to exploit.

Some of them are ransomware and they make sure that you can’t log back into your computer unless you have the software that they and identity theft becomes possible then in that once this flight trap is in there they can pretend to be you on on other platforms.
that’s what the that’s what the the problem really is that people use these social media because people don’t really pay attention to social media as much as they should and they should be very very cautious about what they are doing in in terms of what they’re letting on and and what they’re doing.

So fly trap is a it’s a it’s a bad one but it’s also if you are cautious and you do the right things then you should not be being attacked this way so what you what you really need to do is make sure that you don’t you don’t click on things you don’t know don’t click on links that seem to be good to be true someone sends you something and says this is what we’re going to do in terms of if it’s it just seems too good to be true that’s often the problem isn’t it and and people are unsuspecting and they do that they do that and cut into spanish and currently so much.

Our digital devices because of the pandemic like now we you and i are talking on zoom and people are holding meetings there is so much activity and we’re connecting with family friends that we can be with because of the pandemic via facebook and such so the the we we’re  sort of soft targets so to speak so you need to be really vigilant when you are online in what kind of information you are sharing and what kind of links you are clicking yes always you always have to be really alert to what you’re doing.

Pakistan brilliantly security conscious when it comes to our house we understand razor wire and we understand high walls and beams but we just don’t apply the same level of enthusiasm to cyber security so flytrap steals credentials wants to log on to facebook facebook of course if we can get onto facebook and pretend to you be you it can can convince other people that it’s that you’re a trusted source and therefore your credentials should give people should trust.
No don’t ever click on anything that you know it looks too good to be true and don’t click on them in email don’t click on them with social media lots of lots of them send you a direct message on twitter skype or instagram saying you can’t believe what people are saying about you online everyone foolishly clicks on that and that compromises their phones always update your phone always updates as soon as new releases come out to update them as soon as new patches for software come out update them and if you’re using android you should really be using some kind of security software.

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