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Apple began to scan all devices for illegal content

it’s being called a regressive step for privacy by critics apple plans to enable a feature that will scan iphones ipads and mac computers for illegal content sending.

iphone scan

The information on breaches to u.s law enforcement Apple says, it will provide valuable information to fight child abuse however privacy campaigners argue device scanning amounts to bulk surveillance saying it’s a slippery slope that’ll lead to oppressive regimes around the world demanding the same technology to be able to spy on individuals well.

How this change is actually going to work so apple’s saying they’re basically going to install the software on iphone devices by the end of the year and it’s going to essentially give images photos and people’s iphone photos a sort of a fingerprint so it’ll it’ll basically come up with a system of numbers and letters that is identifiable to these photos and before they upload these photos.
The icloud they’ll basically run a check against these digital fingerprints to see if they match up with anything that’s been already reported as a child sexual assault material so if they see a certain number of matches they say they’ll report this to a national clearinghouse.
That now is vetting all of these sexual child material reports and if they do find a certain number they those could be eventually passed on to law enforcement scanning through people’s phones their ipads their computers it’s not surprising that this has raised some privacy concerns.

it certainly has and it’s interesting because apple has this reputation for really putting its customer its user privacy first so it’s really spent a lot of time.
Basically defending it’s this ability to to keep customer information private but this is obviously a big concern a lot of researchers have said if this data if this information if this technology gets into the wrong hands it could certainly be used to seek out dissidents to seek out people protesting against government.

So that’s definitely a major concern apple seems to be moving first on this but could this have a ripple effect for the rest of the tech industry certainly and there are a lot of companies that already are scanning for child sexual assault material for example dropbox or microsoft they already do things like this but there’s a lot of companies that aren’t doing that amazon which has one of the biggest cloud storage businesses out there doesn’t scan at all.
For this type of material so a lot of analysts a lot of security researchers have said that this could certainly break the them and lead to companies really having to take these concerns from law enforcement more seriously.

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