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APPLE IPHONE 7 : Specification & Price In Pakistan



Price In Pakistan is Rs.64,299 (OyePrice)

If you are an enthusiast of Apple products, the Apple iPhone 7 Silver smartphone will undoubtedly win your sympathy. Whether its visual or technical side. Neither lags behind the other. In terms of performance, it is provided by the A10 Fusion processor, which consists of two high-performance and two highly efficient cores. This has significantly extended the life of the mobile phone. The silver design together with the durable aluminum construction looks elegant and timeless at the same time. The 256 GB internal memory provides huge storage for all your photos, videos or other files. Pictures or videos can be conveniently created with a front camera with a resolution of 7 Mpx or a rear camera with a resolution of 12 Mpx. Thanks to optical stabilization, blurred photos will only be a thing of the past. The 4.7-inch display is up to 25% brighter.

The mobile phone, and thus another model of the most famous brand on the market, the  Apple iPhone 7  comes with many improvements, which will immediately gain your attention and sympathy. The advanced  camera system  will be appreciated by those who like to record every moment. This undoubtedly includes  long battery life  and  tremendous performance,Display  will literally enchant you with its clarity and color. Take water resistance  as an imaginary cherry on the cake. We don’t even have to point out the perfect execution of the guess.

Thanks to the processing of  hard aluminum series 7000  and  seamless rounding,  it fits perfectly in the hand and thus guarantees comfortable handling at all times. Apple iPhone 7 is a truly unique design that you can see at a glance. It will completely get you through innovation and precision.

As the first iPhone, it features water resistance. There are no problems with spilled liquid, dirt, dust, etc. A playful response is possible. This innovation applies not only at home, but also in bad weather, on vacation, and during sports. The desktop button is also a completely new building. Since there are no moving parts, it can be used comfortably. It is highly durable, pressure sensitive and has a uniform appearance. response. The TapticEngine mechanism responds to compression with an accurate tactile response. In addition, you can customize it exactly to your liking. Touch ID runs even faster than before. 

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Photo capture and video recording are one of the most common activities on smartphones. As a result, Apple has also improved this site. Integrated optical stabilization, f / 1.8 aperture, and 6-member lens. The result is always good looking photos and videos even in the dark. Photos and live photos will be even brighter and brighter. With a rear camera with a resolution of 12Mpx, you can record videos in 4K resolution. You can use the front to take a selfie. A camera with a resolution of up to 7Mpx. Selfie photos achieve very good quality. Retina Flash adapts to ambient lighting. In addition to all of this, Apple’s image signal processor built into the A10 Fusion chip is guaranteed to be improved. Optical stabilization eliminates blurry images. It can also handle trembling hands and uneven terrain. Up to 50% more light Passes through larger openings, resulting in clearer and more detailed images. The four smart LEDs are much more powerful than previous models. In addition, it adapts to the color temperature of the environment, resulting in clearer, brighter images. Everything that happens The display on the display is literally an experience. The colors will be perfectly bright and vibrant. The cinematic quality of the Retina HD display offers the best color range of any smartphone. We welcome real-time content in a variety of situations. With a 4.7 inch diagonal and 1334 x 750 pixel resolution, it gives you plenty of room for comfortable writing or surfing the web. This advanced 3D touch technology is even more sophisticated and sensitive. Now, whether you’re using messages, calendars, email, or any other application, it offers a lot more flexible and agile tasks. The Apple iPhone 7 is equipped with the most powerful chip imaginable. The new architecture of the A10 Fusion chip ensures smooth operation at all tmes. It is also economical. It’s an amazing combination that Apple really did. Using four cores, two are two products with high performance and energy efficiency, providing reliable operation and really long life. For a better idea, the iPhone 7 will last up to two hours longer than its iPhone 6 predecessor, Behind the enhanced display and the extremely powerful processor, there is no audio reproduction. The iPhone 7 is proud of another first, stereo speakers, which are being used in this model for the first time. You can look forward to up to twice as much strong audio output and a more dynamic range, whether you’re listening to music, watching videos or making phone calls. When you use AirPods wireless headphones, you are free of unwanted cables. Anyway, you’ll find EarPods wired headphones with a Lightning connector in the package.

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