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Are a Schools prepared to open them for children?

Schools Reopening Pandemic Conditions

The pandemic shuts down schools around the world and in some countries they are now reopening like in Brazil. It is a relief for parents. Many people did job in the pandemic but what about the children? Can they catch up with what they’ve missed? How long will classes go on for this time or will there be new disappointment with schools soon forced to close again? As new virus variants spread.

Summer holidays are over and school is starting again in many parts of Germany for the second time. Kids will take up their classes under the conditions of the pandemic. Many fear that this school year will be just as chaotic as the last when homeschooling took place for weeks on end where does the country stand today and have preparations been taking place over the holidays.

There two preparations have started but the platform won’t be ready when the students are back at school they are looking at what is possible for now. They have formed a task group that deals with the platform intensively. They are consulting on a regular basis. They will try to answer questions like how can we use it for our purposes, how can we make it accessible to parents as well as.

One thing is ready the antigen rapid test twice a week. The children are tested for covid-19 with the help of their teachers. Otherwise the same measures as last year apply for the first two weeks. The children will have to wear face masks in the entire school building and also during class when they’re outside they can take them off. But we also have to air the classroom every 20 minutes at least three to five minutes airing the rooms another measure that hasn’t changed since last year additional air filters or purification systems have not been installed. Open windows and doors ought to be enough we have no problem whatsoever with the ventilation. The children have their jackets with them. They can take them on and off again. That’s totally fine.

We think about successful distance learning. We have to think about what good teaching and learning look like in general students need interaction with skilled and motivated teachers that’s what they need. When they’re in school in person and if we want any positive results from distance learning we have to replicate those principles even in high income countries for the first months of shutdown. Most education was totally asynchronous teachers would send some materials home and students would do the work over time. These high income environments were able to move to distance learning which was which much better replicated good teaching during a non-pandemic where teachers were actually interacting with students. So technology seems to be playing an important role there for students and teachers to communicate with each other despite not being in the same room. So one would assume that countries that can provide this technology. Advanced countries can also provide the best distance learning concept is that correct so this is absolutely true in high income countries.

What you’ve seen is classes using things like zoom and google classroom where teachers are able to interact with students. In most low-income countries what this distance learning has looked like has been much more like maybe a radio program or a television program once a day and if you can imagine trying to learn calculus or physics from a radio show it’s just very difficult to imagine.

Now there have been some exceptions so in a middle-income country like Botswana teachers were called upon to call students primary school students to help them work through mathematics problems and we saw significant learning gains amongst those students relative to students. Who didn’t have access to that so there are alternatives in places where there isn’t strong internet and zoom setups. But it is a huge challenge so we see all the best efforts from all sides here in order to create a learning environment for students. But still there are studies that show remote students are more stressed than their peers in the classroom. Why is that so we see these student, they don’t have the opportunity to interact with other students. They don’t have the opportunities to relax between classes and beyond that what we’ve seen even in high income countries.

The Chinese city of Wuhan is where the pandemic began and now the Delta variant has authorities. They are worried. As a result Wuhan has launched another city-wide coronavirus testing campaign after a small cluster of the variant was identified on monday. Juan had previously reported no locally transmitted cases for more than a year.

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