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Ary Digital Asia | ARY Digital Asia History

Ary Digital Asia | ARY Digital Asia History

Ary digital Asia Pakistani drama channel.

Hosted by Nazya Qureshi, the channel focuses on social and humanistic issues and talks about all aspects of life — from lifestyle and retail to religion and culture. With the popularity of YouTube, the channel grew at a quick pace, and efforts were continuously made to boost traffic to the site.

The channel was built around the idea of sharing quality videos that explore a variety of subjects — not just about shopping and lifestyle, but main subjects like faith, gender, family, and politics.

We took a chance and decided to do a coverage of Shopping Online with Karim’s. Here’s a glimpse of what they had to offer:

As you can see, the satire aspect of the videos somewhat lends itself to YouTube’s Terms of Service. Unfortunately, the channel appears to be de-indexed on YouTube’s main site, hurting any traffic that it might have acquired there.

This solution isn’t difficult at all, but Karim’s still is doing a quarter of its traffic on YouTube, which means in the end they are losing out on a lot of potential visitors if they don’t take advantage of this channel. Everyone in the industry knows that any tactic that can help YouTube boost traffic is advisable.

Now one is left with the challenging task of finding similar content on other platforms, to which I say, don’t rest on your laurels.


Apart from our strategy to find alternatives, there are other ways to push back YouTube for some of its growing bias. You can use own content to fight for YouTube videos.

In the past, you would have been able to find other platforms to host your videos. Now, very often, you will have to set up your own community built around your niche and grow your own presence and audience that are empowered by your content.

You can employ all the tried and tested tactics I mention to fight for more traffic and to gain more backlinks to your channel, thereby building a stronger backlink profile over time. If YouTube is your only platform, which you always have the option to use, here are five steps to ensure that you discover new platforms:

Publish SEO-optimized, brand-friendly, meaningful content on YouTube but also possibly on other platforms.

Think of YouTube as a channel and social media for channels. Focus all efforts on paying attention to YouTube.

Make sure that when you engage in YouTube marketing, you do it with an eye to gains inbound links and social sharing of the content. A popular channel can lift the overall visibility of your brand.


MapleStory is one of the most popular television channels in the continent of Asia growing rapidly each and every day.

The brand was launched in 2009 on the FX network by producers from the American television network “Warner Bros.”

The channel is aimed at the global audience as it is distributed across a number of different networks and languages including Chinese, English, and Spanish.

What appears as an average American family has slowly but surely become a huge hit in Asia.

More and more viewers are discovering the beauty of maple syrup through this channel as opposed to how it was advertised.

For example, the English version of the show is geared towards the masses and most viewers have no idea that maple syrup is what we should be eating as part of their everyday diet.

The investment that Alpay Rehman, CEO of MapleStory, and the casting couch producers have made in educating the audience has paid dividends with the company growing at a phenomenal rate.

Statistics from Nielsen show that in the first few years of existence, there were 120,000 subscribers while owing only $16,000 in advertising revenue. Over time the amount kept rising until it reached an all time high of $300,000,000 in 2014. The outstanding growth rate saw the company overtake Paramount as largest IPTV player in Asia.

The company now watches over 1.2 million hours of programming transmitted across more than 30 networks in 30 languages.

To put in perspective the company’s revenues for the period from 2014 to 2015 were $1,582,000,000 while taking in advertising lessons and producing content around the same amount.

With the high-quality shows, combined with the premium nature of its platform, one can’t help but be amazed with the channel’s phenomenal performance.

You can watch videos straight from a search engine result for free or a users’ choice of payment models. According to Alpay “Our customers don’t mind paying for content but are utterly enticed by the simplicity of shopping with a simple search.”

The channel is one of the few where the ad-revenue doesn’t stop once the row has reached the bottom of the screen no matter how high the price is.

Examples of “Row Row Break” Content:

Rocky Rocky Horror Picture Show Surprise

Grow Your Hands Taller with Row Row Break for Kids Everyone Wants to Love.

One Month of Row Row Break Real-Time Fitness Challenges

With such a large amount of vigorous, very uplifting content it’s no wonder why it’s achieved enormous popularity amongst a global audience.

Pin-point insider view of current events in the digital world. Showcasing the best and brightest in the business of digital marketing.

This channel is launched by SAPPHIRE client Fresh Web Power in Pakistan.


Traditional TV quality.

High production values.

A montage of Pakistani Internet celebrities.

Regular updates.

Shortened URLs.

YouTube videos.

Social media presence – flash, facebook, bandcamp,etc.

By the way, this type of channel is currently being launched in the name of Fresh Web Power, to technologically equip the community to engage with product online channels. Our company also promises to launch other Interactive Channel soon. Stay tuned!


Arts and Entertainment Pakistani Channel – Aizaan TV – This channel definitely highlights some pretty amazing talent. Fashionista was one among the hosts of the Fashionista TV. Artistically, this channel focuses on fashion and design fashionista

It was a pleasure going to see this awesome channel being aired in PQ. Hopefully, the rest of the KPIs would help to overcome another challenge that Digital One has put up during the last one year. These KPIs will help us gather clues to identify content gaps and also show us possible trends/driving factors on the Internet. Which channel is the best? Vote for your favorite

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