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At least 110 dead in Ecuador prison violence

Gun battles rage among inmates of ecuador’s largest prison as members of rival gangs clash. There is an out-of-control situation that has forced the government to respond. The Ecuadorian government will act. They must act the first decision. They have made is to declare a state of emergency in Ecuador’s jail system. The families of inmates at the prison in Ecuador’s largest city Guayaquil have been waiting anxiously for information on the fate of their loved ones.


This is warfare between groups organized gangs and the government is something or the the prison administration system is something of a bystander that is clearly overwhelmed with the situation and they understand that this began with two rival gangs who were at war inside the prison.


There’s been a pattern of violence that has emerged from late November when the gang leader was murdered in the city of Manta. A shopping mall since then a struggle between two rival gangs has triggered three major riots. One in February that killed about 80 prisoners. One somewhat smaller in July 20 and this even more horrific event and this is not just an occurrence in Guayaquil at the penitentiary. But this has happened in other major prisons in the country. Three other major prisons, two others are in the country. So there has been a gradual escalation of the gang warfare.

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