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At least 200 people Dead, Hundreds missing in Western Europe Floods

About 200+ People Died In Western Europe by Floods

In southeast Germany and Bavaria along the border with Austria rescue workers and volunteers are still digging through some of the debris and trying to assess the damage. That was done when rivers such as the aceh river here flooded the area over the weekend on saturday night sunday morning.

image : Yahoo News

Residents were asked to head for higher ground and not to go out onto the streets. Some of them were even evacuated as torrential rains beat down on the region. Following the devastation in the western german states of north rhine westphilia and rhineland paletonate the entire country has been on high alert. Heavy rains over the weekend in southeast bavaria shifted the public’s attention.

Here in bertesh declared a disaster zone flood warnings were sent out to many communities over the weekend. As torrential rains battered the area flooding basements. Here families say that they saw water in their cellar up to 60 centimeters as it is very often in the front samsung of sundeck. So, it happened in the night saturday to sunday. It was a short rain period for about 45 minutes.

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It rained hard then it calmed down but it was enough to overflow the streams and bridges. The best here on with the area located at the base of the alps the fear of mudslides have been of great concern. 400 million euros is under discussion for nationwide emergency aid to help the victims of the floods. Yet here in this region the damage has been rather sporadic. Some houses seeing very minimal damage while others losing almost everything.

The 130 residents that were evacuated over the weekend have now been allowed to slowly return home under certain conditions. But for others going home is not an option as some homes have been declared unsafe on sunday. The premier of bavaria marcus zodar visited the most affected areas we are deeply concerned what you build up your entire life is flushed away in a night a life you have known before is totally different yet. There has been a lot of criticism over the government’s response to the floods.

One opposition party has called for the resignation of the federal interior minister horst z hofer accusing the federal government of failing to warn the people early on despite the information available about the impending storm catastrophe. Some affected residents agree it would a couple of hours before they said it wasn’t going to be that bad that’s why the firefighters never showed up with sandbags. So, the warning wasn’t urgent enough.

image : cgtn

European leaders are blaming climate change for the floods which have also affected belgium, luxembourg, the netherlands, switzerland and austria even in the state capital munich the izar river which runs through the city has reached levels high enough levels that the officials. There are concerned and have even cordoned off.

Some of the bridges to keep the community safe while the level of the rivers have subsided somewhat here in the southeast of the country and the state of disaster which was placed on the area will be lifted tuesday morning. Officials are still very much concerned about the potential risks of landslides and mudslides leaving emergency services teams.

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