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Australia’s most populous state new south wales has set another daily record of 830 local infections despite restrictions.


The delta variant as they battle the wind on a hazy day in sydney this highly infectious variant that authorities are trying to deal with not only there in the greater sydney area but also in victoria and other parts of the country and the measures that served australia so those restrictions during the majority of the pandemic with less infectious strains are clearly not having the same impact at least in terms of being able to reduce case numbers down to just a handful or zero in this case as mentioned in sydney another day of record-breaking 24-hour infections recorded over 24 hours more than 800 today same with yesterday as well and three deaths reported look it appears that australia is now experiencing things that other countries experienced in the majority of the pandemic.


They were lucky enough not to have to deal with that as far as surging case numbers now it’s not just what’s happening here also victoria is dealing with an increase in covid case numbers there as well there is a sense that some this is something that will have to live with at least infections out on the community something that australia is clearly not used to doing the question remains just at what level of virus and at what level of vaccination do need to be in order to be able to move forward pandemic.


The australian government still determined to carry on its heart heart lockdown policy until as the prime minister put it a 70 population is fully vaccinated well absolutely in fact that’s the the modeling that’s what with the government and the prime minister announced a month or so ago as australia  looked to transition from that zero covid strategy to one where were able to open the borders here people are able to not only travel between states but also people from overseas allowed to come into the country but all that as mentioned is predicated on a certain vaccination level that’s 70 or 80 percent of the total population those figures were determined by some modeling done by an independent research institutions


The problem though is that there are some questions raised as to just how effective that modeling will be in light of the fact that in sydney are not dealing with tens of of cases a day dealing with hundreds of cases approaching the thousand a day market may not sound like much compared to other countries but it is hugely significant here not something that anybody really foresaw or planned for so as to what type of vaccination rates it will take in order to be able to live with some form of covid here is really difficult to tell.

One thing that we do know is that there is a growing level of frustration over lockdowns we certainly saw that here to some extent in sydney but in particular in victoria and melbourne yesterday 4000 people took part in protests violent protests ones that the police commissioner there said were the worst he had seen the most violent in 20 years a total of nine at least nine police officers had to be hospitalized as a result of that and the fines we’re told once they’re finished being handed out to people not only arrested but cited for being there will total well over a million dollars.

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