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Bad news for TikTok users – TikTok application has been blocked in Pakistan

Once again, the TikTok application has been banned. PTA has banned TikTok for fourth time.

Tiktok has been banned many times before. PTA has not only banned the TikTok application but also the website has been blocked in Pakistan. PTA blocked TikTok site and TikTok application in Pakistan on Twitter under the provisions of the Unification of Electronic Crimes 2021 – 202.

image : Phone World

No one can run TikTok in Pakistan. Now that this website and application will not work in Pakistan unless it is blocked. This is very bad news for TikTok users. According to the PTA, the TikTok application and the TikTok website have been blocked in Pakistan because of inappropriate content.

To prevent such inappropriate content, the PTA decided to ban the TikTok application in Pakistan.

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