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Bairut Blast : What has changed during this year in Lebanon?

Lebanon is marking the first anniversary of a massive explosion in the port of the capital Beirut.

The blast killed some 200 people injured thousands and flattened large parts of the city including shops offices and homes. The explosion was caused by tons of ammonium nitrate that is a fertilizer that had been for years improperly stored at the city’s port. Much of what was destroyed is still yet to be rebuilt one year. On lawmakers and security officials are accused of negligence calls are growing for the Lebanese parliament to lift their immunity. Meanwhile an investigation remains stalled and families of the victims are still waiting for answers about why their loved ones had to die.

There was a girl who died in this explosion. Her name was Sahar. Sahar Ferris loved her job. The young paramedic had finally managed to break into the nearly all-male world of the beirut fire department. She was on top of the world. She used to wear the uniform and put mascara and put lipstick. Then, like she’s going out. She was such a great girl and was a brave and got on august 4th 2020 Sahar and nine of her colleagues were called to a fire at the port.

One year without her the families of these victims moving on without justice is impossible an ongoing investigation has so far failed to find any real answers and efforts to bring those to account. But, thought to be responsible for what happened here have been hampered by a convoluted system of political immunity. One year on the same questions remain how did lebanon get here? How were thousands of tons of explosive material able to be stored so close to the city for so many years who is to blame and will they ever be brought to justice. The one family lost three men. Their son his cousin and his uncle all firefighters who like zaha put themselves in danger for public service. Only to be let down by the representatives of their near-failed state here on earth. We just want one of the trees in heaven.

We are sure God will take care of the rest. We are just asking for one percent of the truth that is all. The justice we need father has no faith that any progress will come from inside the country. It is a lost cause our only hope is if the international community were to help us with an official investigation.

After the blast and then several times that what has changed that people really seem to have lost hope beside losing hope. A life behind that the daily life no electricity maybe some hours. People there don’t know why medicaments for their child and don’t find the right thing. Milk is not also available if the amount that people need even if they look at basic things that they would like to have it’s vegetables also not available and maybe very expensive. if people want to just tank fuel for their car they wait for hours and this is the simply daily life basics they need in their everyday life. This is getting to be a challenge and so they can imagine how life is now in Beirut in Lebanon.

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1 Comment

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