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Bangladesh mass vaccination campaign against Covid19

This is the first day of Bangladesh’s mass vaccination campaign against Covid19.

Bangladesh covid19
Many had to deal with overcrowding long queues and breach of health protocols at several vaccination centers in the capital Dhaka some were frustrated because of confusion about appointments.

The reason came is because registered people registered for the vaccine many days ago but now they’re telling them if there is no sms they will not vaccinate there are many others who registered but were turned away despite a government announcement that anyone not having internet access can’t show up with just a national id card many were turned away for not registering.

People have been queuing up here since nine in the morning like many other centers across the country however some people were turned away because they did not receive sms confirmation after registration despite the delay others were relieved to get the vaccine.

Elderly rohingya refugees in camps at cox’s bazar are also expected to get the vaccine starting next week nearly a million refugees who have escaped a military crackdown in myanmar lived In Bangladesh.
The Bangladeshi government has purchased a further 60 million doses of the Chinese-made Sinopharm vaccine to ramp up its inoculation efforts.

The prime minister of Bangladesh taken a personal initiative and instructed that population be protected and get vaccinated she herself is directing the program and is talking to various heads of states and encouraging people to communicate with them.

Bangladesh have enough vaccines at hand and more are coming with the rapid sergeant cases of the delta varian emergency services are overwhelmed only 3 percent of the country has been fully vaccinated out of a population of 165 million many in rural areas initially believe rumors that vaccines can cause health problems and women might not be able to bear children.
They’ve been dispelled the government and health experts here are hoping a new lockdown and an urgent effort to get people vaccinated will spare Bangladesh from a major health disaster.

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1 Comment

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